When Change is Good

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Old door

Last year we changed our scenery from the south east coast of Texas to the place we call home, North Richland Hills, Texas. We came back be close to our families following the deaths of my mom, David’s dad, and then tragically, his older brother. Coming back here was a good change. We needed to be with our people, and they are glad we are home.

Last year, right before the holidays, we bought our new home. We thought we wanted a move-in ready home, but like all the homes we’ve lived in since we got married 31 years ago, this one needs a few changes. Like today, we changed the French doors leading to the patio to a shiny, new sliding glass door. This too was a change for the good.

New door

Of course, it needs trim, but it works beautifully, and I love it! As we age, we become more resistant to change, kind of set in our ways. So far, I’m not like that, I embrace it. Of course, I am more adaptable than most, since I moved around a lot as a child. Then, after high school I joined the Army and moved around some more. Since David and I have been married, we have moved ten times! I guess I’m a bit of a nomad, but for me, change is good. It’s a new beginning, a fresh slate. It sparks my imagination and makes me want to create.

We like making fresh new changes to the places we call home, we make them our own. Sometimes they need changing, like that door that didn’t work properly any more, sometimes, we just have a better idea or use for the space. Like the time David created a beautiful archway into the area off the living room at our second home (the first time we lived here in NRH). Or like in this house, he built a special platform in the corner of the living room to mount the tv on. I’m always so proud of the work that he does, and just like coming home, that’s when change is good.

Life is short, let’s not get stagnant, let’s embrace change and keep moving forward toward a shiny, new tomorrow.