Potted Perfection

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This morning while rushing around trying to get ready for work, in my spastic, do something in three different areas of the house kind of way, I took the time to stop and give my potted plants a drink. The yard was cool, since we just had a rain shower on Saturday, however, during hot weather, I need to water the potted plants more frequently. I strive for daily but, like my writing, that doesn’t always happen. Anyway, this morning it did and I was rewarded with the beauty of what has become the best looking of all my plants. My coleus on the front porch loves it’s spot so much, it has literally exploded and now has seeds shooting out of the top of it!


I’m so proud of this since I used to be known as the person who kills her plants. I love the colors of this one and can’t wait to try my hand at another. I have a similar looking one with different colors in a hanging basket, just itching to get out into a nice pot. Maybe this beauty won’t mind sharing her spot!

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