Summer Is Tea Time

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Man, I love tea! I guess you could say, especially in the summer, I have an addiction. Ice tea. I drink it by the gallon, in addition to water, but tea hits the proverbial spot! Here is a pic of me preparing another pot.


Lately, I have taken to adding one bag of a specialty or flavored tea to 2 bags of regular tea. Today’s choice is black chai. I love the spicy flavor, not to mention the aroma fills the kitchen as I’m making it. Sometimes, it’s raspberry zinger, other times, simply cinnamon.

What is your favorite summertime beverage? Do you like flavored teas? Lets talk about it, hit me up in the comment box or feel free to email me. Gotta go remove some pesky weeds from the beds in the yard, see ya later, on the patio!

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  1. We make a lot of sun tea in the summer! Lord knows we have plenty of sun in the summer! I do like mine with a dash of lemon! Come to think of it we have not made any sun tea yet. That is going to have to change. Rolling on!

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