Pokemon Go?

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Ok, I must be the only clueless person left in America about this craze that has hit like a hurricane in our neck of the woods. At least I am according to my son, who is staying the weekend with us. He was extremely surprised at this fact, and enjoyed the chance to explain all the nuances of the game to his mother, someone who is usually up on this type of thing. Not the game aspect of things, just like, the latest thing everyone is talking about.  While I get the gist of the game, the lengths people are going to while playing…not so much. Here’s a game where you’re doing something good for your body by getting up, out, and off the couch, walking miles to catch this funny little cartoon character, yet people are walking in front of cars, running into one another, getting robbed and all sorts of craziness, in the quest for the elusive Pokemon.

image     image

The first pic shows the warning, clearly stating at the beginning of the game, to be alert and aware of your surroundings. Hello?! And what about the fact that the game is meant to bring like minded folks together, yet everyone is walking around in a huge group, looking like zombies all over the world.

The second pic is just part of my son’s personal collection thus far. This is a guy who has been not only active in sports most of his life, but played Pokemon games as a child, so, for him and others like him, they’ve turned their childhood dream into reality. He has always been that kid who picked up any sport and played his heart out at it. So, it’s no surprise to me, his unbridled enthusiasm knows no bounds at the moment. Since he is in decent shape, my hope is that what he gains from the game is a new level of social interaction or a unique way to earn some pocket change. The ways you can profit by this game are limited only by your imagination.  It sounds like a truly evolutionary idea in gaming, however, even he sees how it’s become the perfect example of a society who knows no moderation.

image   After a hard day of painting, Pokemon Go and real live golf, even he talkes a rest sometimes! Here he is with our Shorkie, Brandy, taking five on the couch.

My take on the whole thing is, get on out there and go Pokemon Go, but for goodness sakes, BE CAREFUL!! I’ll stick to exercising in the pool for now thanks, and I’ll be watching all the shenanigans from my vantage point, here on the patio! 😉



3 Replies to “Pokemon Go?”

  1. So I saw something on the “trending now” on Yahoo and on Facebook but because it had the words Pokémon I never took another look at it. And then my friend was telling me about it on Fri. because her son is playing. She did not tell me up the bad stuff happening though. Her son is only 8! I will see her tomorrow, and will mention it! Good grief! I am with you Myra I just do not get it. Rolling on, Stephanie

  2. I totally don’t get it but, I didn’t get it when my son played it years ago.
    I saw on the news some guy walked into the police department playing and he had a warrant and they got him….one less idiot off the streets today…haha
    But I also heard some girl found a dead body by some water. So much for out for a walk to find a water Pokemon.
    Good luck I hope you do good and don’t break a leg!!

    1. Oh, I’m not playing, lol! My son does and so do his friends. I like my pool too much to leave it for long in the summer, lol!

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