Best Laid Plans

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Somedays the best laid plan come to fruition. Today was not one of those days. Today was more like a comedy of errors that somehow still had a happy ending. The contractor was late. Then my brother in law stepped in and saved the day. My son got hurt at work and I wasn’t at home to comfort him, or at least see the offending injury and ooh over it. (5 stitches!) He lived and even plans on going to work tomorrow! I forgot I was scheduled to take my dad to the ENT, we made it, 30 minutes early in fact!

Thank goodness I had all the housework and tasks done before all of this hit the fan. My plan had been to have all those done and then hole up in the office for an intense and productive day of writing, webinar attending and possible class observing. I managed 30 minutes of a webinar…the wrong one, naturally. Of course, any learning is better than none and I always have the playback option to continue tomorrow’s webinar, if I get up early and no disasters happen before noon! Do I have a hard time saying no? Maybe. Do I have a strong commitment to family? Absolutely. And that is why, as much as I want to write, it can take a back seat when family is concerned.

Some would say I have a hard time finishing projects, and they would be right, most of the time. Those used to mean things like finishing a crocheted purse or the latest artistic endeavor. I’m trying to turn over a new leaf these days, however, so here’s to having a more productive tomorrow. Hey, at least I got my post written today. 😜

2 Replies to “Best Laid Plans”

  1. Glad that everything worked out okay as things could have been so much worse! I do not know of anyone who does not finish what they start. They can be from the smallest of things to the biggest, everyone’s got something. I am the same as you in my writing I have had ideas in my head for a book for quite some time now, just have not taken the time to do it! I really need to be doing some campcraigallen stuff right now, but instead I am commenting on your post! Rolling on, Stephanie

    1. Get busy girlfriend, lol. I’ve been listening and making notes for 2 1/2 hours on a copywriting webinar! I’m hoping it helps me implement some action on my part in the very near future. Good luck on your writing as well, see ya tomorrow!😀

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