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Some of you may know from reading my old blog that I have PKD, a genetic disorder I inherited from my mother. Well, I came across an email today inviting everyone to attend the Summer Fun Day with the North Texas Chapter, which is really an event for The United Way. I wasn’t even aware there was a North Texas Chapter for PKD. That’s how out of touch I am with what’s going on in PKD news. I was aware there’s an upcoming walk for PKD in October, only because a couple of months ago, I became a member of the foundation so I might learn a little bit about the latest research for a cure. In any case, the Chapter will have a table there so people can sign up for the walk, or just learn more about the North Texas Chapter. I should probably get more involved myself, however, since I’ve been diagnosed, I am asymptomatic and honestly have not thought too much about it. I am at a certain stage and I’m managed by a doctor, I just try not to think about it much. Maybe I should. It would be nice to have a support group, meet other people with the same issues so I can someday relate, but since I’m not sick, it’s hard for me to want to be reminded of everything my mom went through. Is that wrong for me to feel like that? I realize I may be in the same boat someday, but I’m healthy right now and that’s the way I try to manage it. By eating the way I do, keeping my doctor up to speed and taking my medications. I also do some things in the alternative health realm, like using essential oils and getting flax and chia in my diet.

Anyway, I feel like I should at least try to bring awareness to a disease that a lot of the population deal with on a daily basis, so I’m going to share the flyer and the info. Maybe I’ll even go to the event or the walk. At the very least, maybe more people will learn about it and want to help. Maybe getting that email was a sign, maybe this could be the start of something new, a way for me to learn more and help others with the same problem. I could do some research and write some articles to better familiarize myself with my own disorder. What a novel idea! My wheels are starting to turn, who knows where this could lead. So, go check out the event, grab a dog or a frozen drink, heck it might even be a fun way to grab a quick lunch and get educated in the process. Let me know what you think, maybe I’ll see you there!


Have a pleasant evening, hope we talk again tomorrow!




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  1. You have an “old” blog? Now we have one more thing to talk about…fun.
    I’ve always wanted to do a walk but, I don’t have anyone who has that much energy…I have lazy friends! LOL
    Doing a walk always means raising money too. I don’t have the skills to ask someone for money.

    1. Well Myra, yes, my old blog was Essentially Paleo Life. I thought of revamping that site but have since changed my mind.
      As far as a walk, yes it takes energy but most are short and manageable, it’s not a race, so you can walk at your own pace. The point is to raise awareness and money for research. It doesn’t take skill to raise money, just a passion for the cause. If you or someone you loved had breast cancer, I bet you could get creative and gather 4 friends or family members to walk with you! Not sure what the minimum pledge is but I think it’s usually around $25. On top of all that, the PKD walk is in October when the weather isn’t so bad. 😊

      1. I thought you had to raise money in the thousands. My goal is to run a marathon in the next 5 years.
        Walking for something looks like something I should keep my eye open for, I could do it alone.

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