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imageAs the month is quickly coming to a close, I’m trying to decide if I like the added pressure on myself to write every day. Sometimes, I don’t have a subject in mind (ok, most days) and sometimes, at the last minute, I get a great idea. I have been proud of myself so far for keeping it up but I need a better system. I should either be part of a challenge of some sort, start using an editorial calendar, or open the floor up to you guys for topic ideas. This is, after all, ” The place we can talk about anything” so do you want to do, say a month where you all give me topics to talk about? If we go that route, that’s fine, just be aware….I don’t discuss subjects I’m not educated enough on, like politics. Sure, I have an opinion, but that is all.  So, before I start a new month and decide to have a more structured blog (topic wise anyway), let me know what you think of the idea. We can talk about food, family, vacation spots, work, you just let me know what topics you want to see covered here and I’ll tackle them. I hope y’all hit me up with some great ideas! Maybe I will like one enough to make it a theme for all of next month! Or maybe we will just discuss certain topics back and forth, I like that too. For example, someone may ask me how I go about food prep for the week and I will answer, then you all share your thoughts and so on. It doesn’t have to be that boring, I was just giving an example of the first thought that came to mind. So, you tell me. Until then, have a great night-see you tomorrow on the patio!

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    1. I agree, but I try to be true to who I am, if I feel passionately about a subject, I’ll talk about it. Thanks for stopping by!😀

  1. Great idea! Im going to take you up on that, as a matter of fact, I’m getting my hair cut in about an hour with Stacy! Monday morning, you will be greeted by a new woman! Wish us luck on finding a style that not only looks good on me but is easy to maintain.
    The reason I try to blog daily is a personal goal. I am trying to improve my skills as a writer by practicing writing every day. Every guru out there tells us that is the way to improve your writing skills and speed. So, I’m testing it out. Wish me luck on that as well.
    How are you feeling by the way? Is your heart rate normal again? I hope so, and have a good weekend-see ya Monday!

    1. That is completely awesome about your hair! I hope you are pleased, I know that I will be whichever way you go. I am enjoying my new do! Stacy is a good hairstylist, and so look forward to seeing you on Mon.
      My ticker is doing great and my heart rate when I got up was 65!! Have no idea what could have caused my ticker to go whacky!
      Proud that you have a personal goal for writing I wish I could be that diligent and write something every day for my stories in my book. If I did that every day it would make it easier to do! I do understand that, the gurus are totally correct!
      Rolling on, Stephanie

  2. I personally do not think it is necessary to write in a blog every day. A lot of people (me included) am not able to share every day, but yet I want to. I do not mind to share a post that you have written a week ago knowing it is old news. I know that there are a a lot of people who probably check out and comment once a day, but I just do not have time for all that! As far as a theme, think of the things that you have done that day for example, getting a cute hairstyle because we had gone to my hairstylist and you were inquiring about different styles that would look good on your hair type! Rolling on, Stephanie

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