Sharp Cuts and New Do's

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This was the week for new do’s. Stephanie got her hair cut and colored and I liked it so much, I had her hairdresser work her magic on me. Stacy is a very special lady and I really  appreciate how she works to accommodate Stephanie and me. Today it was my turn, excuse the bad pic of me, however, the cut is awesome. I’m sure it will be easy to maintain, with or without products and too much effort.


My lack of makeup and age was showing, that’s alright-it is what it is. I’m one happy customer and I give Stacy and all the girls at Sharp Cuts a glowing endorsement. Salon services at very reasonable prices, respectful treatment of all clients and they are super down to earth ladies.

Today I just got cut and styled. Can’t wait for it to be color time! I need to do a little bit towards strengthening my hair, other than that, they will be ready when I am. I not only look forward to that, but to the day someone invents a wax for super sensitive people like me, so someday, I won’t have to pluck these brows any more. Last time I let someone try it on me, I looked like Rocky after a boxing match saying, “cut me Mick!” Before you advise, I have also done the threading thing, not much better, but tolerable. Luckily, due to my age and my hormones, my hair doesn’t grow as thick or as fast as it used to. My nails, now that’s a different story! See y’all tomorrow, on the patio!

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  1. I really, really dig the new do!! Stacy has a way of making our fine hair look thick!! She is the only hairdresser I have ever been to that has done that for me! The best thing I ever did was stumble across her when I went in to the shop and told me she was available to cut my hair. The minute I rolled up there she cut my hair wonderful! And the fact that it did not break the checkbook was a big bonus! If your hair does not grow really fast I guess that means even for your eyebrows? About 4 or 5 years ago they did get my eyebrows waxed at a place and I also looked like I had been in a fight with Rocky. It was bad, and I thought I would never do waxing again. I think the 1st time I did is at Sharp cuts and made it did see and got kind of red, and maybe a little swollen. But nothing compared to the one years ago. Every time now that they do it (they have done it 2 more times) it gets easier feeling! She put that stuff on the brows after that feels like a cooling gel! I am so glad that you got it done and cannot wait to see it in person! Rolling on, Stephanie

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