Breaking News

It’s a sad state of affairs, what’s going on in the world today. Just now, breaking news from a peaceful protest in Dallas, Tx. where another police officer has been shot, maybe more. The story is still developing and is similar to other stories around the nation. It’s been said the protest was over when the shots were fired.

What is the world coming to, when you can’t watch the news, or even a show, without another story like this happening? Are we going to slowly kill each other off because we simply can’t work together, agree to disagree, see the meaning of the injustice we bestow on one another? Soon, it will not be possible to go out in public to see a concert,  view a movie, or even go shopping at the mall for fear we will become a victim of some senseless shooting like this.

It’s getting very scary out there people, stay safe! Check out Channel 5 NBC News for the full story. I pray everyone is ok.

A Silly Poem

I’m supposed to be writing

instead I am fighting

the urge to sleep

is so strong I’m yawning

thoughts are slow to come

the wine has made me numb

a challenge has been taken

the idea is not forsaken

I’ll write more come tomorrow

continue what was promised

a year of daily musing

you’ll help to keep me honest.image


Rest and Recovery Inspire New Ideas


As I sit here in my favorite corner of the couch, where I’ve been since my hubby went to bed, I’ve been thinking about how today was a day for rest and recovery. After spending way too much time having fun in the sun yesterday, it seemed an unspoken agreement that today would be spent anywhere but poolside! This is a horrible shot of the couch, a testament to my lack of photo editing skills, but it will have to do at this late hour. Trust me, a selfie at this point was not a wise idea!

I’ve  already written and scrapped one post, clearly I’m too tired for this, but Tuesday’s are for writing, and I was determined to post something, lol. Since a lot of time has been hanging out in the living room today, I tried to come up with some new ideas for the website I’m trying to design. For those of you who knew me from Essentially Paleo Life, I’ve decided to call the new website My Paleo Pantry. I plan to fill the pages with all the products I use to achieve the Paleo lifestyle I enjoy. I’ll include favorite recipes, tips and tricks along the way and news about my favorite  essential oils and their benefits. Wish me luck in this new venture and I hope to see all of you there! I have more work to do before it goes live though, so I’ll keep you posted.

As always, I welcome any and all comments, so feel free to chime in with those and any helpful suggestions, hint, hint, wink wink. For now, I bid you goodnight and I hope you all got some much needed rest and recovery of your own! See ya later on the patio!😊


We're Gonna Party On The Patio!

Happy 4th of July everyone! I want to wish all of you a safe and fun Independence Day!

Here at my house, we plan on a good day with friends and family, lots of food and pool time…if the sun comes back out! Last night into this morning, we had intense thunderstorms but the projected temp is 95 and sunshine, so it should be fine later today.

When we moved into this new home, this monument was a part of the corner garden, I thought it was appropriate to share as part of my post today. We love it and decided to keep it there. My husband and I both served in the military as did many of our family members, so we think it fits!

  • image

I also want to thank those who served and died for our independence and those who continue to do so.

Yesterday, we went to visit my mother and husband’s father at DFW National Cemetery, a beautiful place to memorialize vets and their spouses. They were both cremated, as we have both decided to be as well, and so they were placed in a wall instead of in the ground.


My dad is the veteran, so his name is placed above Mom’s so that when he passes, he will be interred with her. They are called columbariums.


It was a perfect way to spend part of our holiday weekend, remembering our loved ones and taking the time to visit them. My youngest son had never been out there and I was glad he came with us to experience it.

Now, we are gearing up for this afternoon’s festivities, clean up, prepare the food and maybe even decorate a little. If not, hey, at least we have our flag out!! My husband even trimmed the bushes up to make the backyard more presentable. He works hard around here, that’s for sure.


This is just one section of hedges, but I like this shot showing the pool and patio.

Tell me how you all spend your fourth and what is important to you this extended holiday weekend. Comment below or shoot me an email and we’ll talk about it.