A Year Long Quest (Day 1)

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imageI’ve been trying to write daily on this here little blog for a bit now, but to keep my commitment to myself, I’d like to borrow an example from Hearts Everywhere blog and write a daily post, not in club form like hers, but numbered stories or posts, so that I can stay on track and know when I’ve reached a year.

So, I guess technically today would be post number one of 365 and that way, I can keep my blog as it is, a place we can talk about anything. That doesn’t mean however that I won’t decide to do a theme week or make my posts part of a group or something, that has yet to be decided. Tomorrow, I will look at my calendar and try to come up with a plan, whether by the week or by the month. I may do something like a week of poems, a week of stories, a week of articles-not sure yet. What I am sure of is, I have a goal to write every day and today starts the quest to keep the commitment.

Wish me luck, make suggestions, give me cool ideas, whatever and however you want to be involved, it’s all welcomed. One more thing, although I do have a patio, and I enjoy working on it and hanging out there, it’s also an imaginary place for all of us to share. I would love it if you want to contribute to whatever ends up here on my pages. Maybe together we can complete the yearlong quest. For now, I’m retiring for the night, see you all from the patio tomorrow!

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  1. I am having problems writing each morning myself. I have chose to simple spend some time reading other posts as I certainly haven’t done enough of that in the past. Another thing I started doing is making a note of an idea that comes up during the day. I put it in my notes app on my iPhone.

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