Day 3-Recipes and A PKD Update 

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Good morning everyone! Yesterday I started Lets Talk About Food Week but before we move on to the recipe, I need to give y’all a little update on the Walk for PKD. As you may know from my post earlier in the month, I’m planning on attending the walk with family and as many friends as I can gather. I will be making a pledge and I’m asking you if you could possibly help me reach my team goal of $250 by pledging whatever amount you feel comfortable with. If I was to get all my followers to donate just $1-$10 for example, I would reach my goal in no time flat! This is for a very worthy cause, your donation helps support research and promotes advocacy and awareness of polycystic kidney disease and improve all the lives it affects.

For more info and to learn how to make pledges in my name if you want to help my team, or to register to walk yourselves, please go to the website provided on the card pictured or go to the foundation website at Let me thank you ahead of time for your interest and I appreciate whatever you can do.

Ok, update done, let’s get to today’s recipe shall we? I thought today I’d go more savory since I’m trying to get back to basics myself! Looking at my Pinterest page, I realized even though they are Paleo, I have way too many sweet things on there!

So for today’s recipe, I thought I’d help out all those needing a quick breakfast that can actually be taken to go with you if you like! I do this one a lot as it’s easy peasy and ready in less than two minutes! It’s from The Kitchn and it is called Western Omelet in a Mug. thanks to Kelli Foster for sharing this one on Pinterest!


Recipe: serves 1

2 lg eggs

1 tbsp milk (I use almond or coconut)

1tsp chopped onion

2 Tbsps chopped bell pepper

2 slices deli ham, chopped

1 Tbsp shredded cheese

Salt and pepper to taste

Spray the inside of your mug with coconut cooking spray (use a microwave-safe mug)

Crack the eggs into the mug and beat to combine. Whisk in the milk, onions, peppers, ham and spices. Microwave on high for 1 minute, stir, top with cheese and cook for one more minute until eggs are completely set. Remove and serve immediately.

Check out my Pinterest page at Everything Paleo for exact recipe and notes. My special note is to carefully stir after the second minute of cooking because I’ve had the eggs pop some air out before, I always use caution now to prevent possible burns and getting the heck scared out of me, lol!

As always, thanks for reading, following and liking and please comment or share what you like here! See ya later, I’m going to warm up my coffee and thaw my legs out on the patio.😉

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  1. So I tried to give a little donation on the PKD website that you gave. 1st thing they sent me to the walk for PKD page so I searched with your name as a walker, but it came up as no results found, ugh! Do you have a team name? Because I can search that. When you get it figured out I will definitely make a donation. Let me know. And BTW, the Breakfast in a Mug is delish! Thinking about that with some avocado the side sounds pretty good right now! Rolling on, Stephanie

    1. Ok, I’m going to call Sally and find out what I need to do. That does sound good right now! I’m about to go to lunch with Dad and then to the hearing dr. See ya mañana!

  2. oh, wait, I’ll give you my email and you can tell me that way, and just don’t approve these replies, then all this is not public info…

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