Day 9-Game Week-Papa Pear Saga

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Before I continue on with my next game review, I have to share some great news-I got a clean report and a gold star from my wonderful kidney doctor today! I don’t have to return for another six months, a sure sign that my disease has not progressed, and for that I am blessed. I believe a large part of that is due to my proactive attitude and behavior, however, I love my doctor as well for being so thorough as well as personable! He’s a charmer that Dr. Epstein, but serious as heart attack about being on top of my care. He is extremely accommodating and helpful as well, sharing whatever info I need to get the job done.

Ok, back to game week, a less serious subject and my contribution to the spirit of the games of the Olympiad. When I was considering themes for this week, I wanted to talk about something relevant, however, I’m no athlete so…..this is what you get, lol!


One of the games I’ve played the longest is this one from King called Papa Pear Saga. If you like pinball, you will like this game. There are many levels and worlds to conquer. Your goal is different for every level but in all games you start with your shooting ball (papa pear) which you ping off of different objects to either score points, light up buckets, or collect booster “balls” which can be several different things. There are peas, onions, cauliflower, fire pins, pears that grow larger and star pins for extra points. It’s a blast, each level gets more difficult and once you finish a “world” you must ask friends for help to unlock the next one, or if you are impatient, you can buy your way in (I never have).

image  image

It would take all night to explain all this game can do, you just have to try it yourself!

Although it’s played through Facebook, mainly to help other friends get unstuck or move to a new level, you play this one alone. It’s great to improve one’s manual dexterity, besides being just plain fun. I regularly at least check in on all my games daily, it only takes a few minutes, but this game I love to play a few rounds a night.

In fact, I’m off to see what’s up in Papa Pear world right now, so join me again tomorrow night when I review my next favorite game. One can’t work all the time and this is what I do to relax when not writing, reading or otherwise working. I can play while watching tv, pausing when the action gets really good (like gymnastics at the Olympics right now)! Join me, or play some games of your own, everyone needs a little down time, and like I said, they keep you sharp and build some skills as well. Besides, my dogs are jealous of me writing and need some attention!

Share your favorites in the comments below or find me on Facebook and join in the fun! See you on the patio tomorrow!