Day 10-Words With Friends

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This is one of the best games out there for sharpening your vocabulary and using your brain to create the word with the highest point score, and, you get to do it with your friends! It does take a little more time per play, that’s ok, I can think of worse time killers-Facebook….but I digress, this game I had for awhile, burnt out or lost interest I’m not sure, but recently got it back and now I’m finding old friends and making new ones. It seems like everyone is playing this game again. It’s very easy, kind of a crossword puzzle that you take turns creating with another person. It reminds me of the way my mom and dad used to work their crossword puzzles. Mom would get to put in three words, then she would pass it to Dad and he would put in three and so on, until they finished the whole thing. If I went to visit, I was lucky if I got to help them get unstuck, by adding my word-if I could. It was rare they didn’t finish one. Of course, it was always the New York Times puzzle in the local newspaper, most of the time, it was a beast, good thing all three of us have an extensive vocabulary.


This updated version lets gives you a word of the day to try and make (hah, good luck) and gives you points if you complete the weekly challenge. I actually made it last week but the game is like new to me again. Hopefully, I stay exited and interested and have plenty of playing partners to keep me challenged. How about challenge me someone, and let’s match wits!

Anyone else like word games, tell me about it in the comments below and let me know if you need a challenger, I’m always up for something new! We all need to stay sharp and keep our minds busy, writing helps and so does playing fun word games. Come back tomorrow for one of the most played games out there!