Day 12-Dice With Buddies

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Howdy folks and welcome to another installment of Games Week, my way of honoring the Olympics. These aren’t athletic games, unless you count your brain as a muscle and you’re looking for a good workout! I have one more game to highlight tonite, unless i go for the gold and post a final favorite tomorrow. You’ll just have to come and see!

Tonight’s game is the one i have been playing the longest, even if i don’t play daily. I have been playing this one at least six years, cause I remember sitting on the front porch of my rent house in Groves playing it with my hubby (who was in the house, lol) and that was over five years ago.

image This is the front screen

imageMy stats page and how to find me as a player

If you like Yahtzee, this is very similar, however, there is a classic Yahtzee game as well, I just don’t have it. I rather like this game because I’m used to it. Basic and easy, but it still features challenges and tournaments and opportunities to get cool, fun dice in different colors and designs.

imageThis is one of the spots you can enter a tournament from

imageHere is another

imageAn example of a full house, bottom board (from your phone)

You get three rolls to make your best choice of a play, with all the regular moves you find in Yahtzee.

imageTop board

I used to play on my iPad, but took it off and now only play on my phone.  I also used to play a bunch of folks, now I’m down to three. What can I say, the other games just take up all my time, this one is great when I’m stuck in a dr’s office or “somewhere” and need to catch up with my friend’s match. I still like it, or I would have deleted it long ago.

So there you have it, tell me your favs and join in the fun. Find me and give me a new challenge, a reason to keep it around. Also, tell me what you think about my idea for vacation week-Aug 22-28, to keep up with my blog during that week, I thought I’d post photos and if time permits, little sub stories about them, like what we do at the beach, shopping trips, deep sea fishing-whatever. I haven’t decided what next week’s theme will be yet, you can help me with that as well if anyone has a good idea. Until tomorrow’s game (maybe?) have a fabulous Friday and see ya on the patio!