Day 16-EO Week-Lemon and Lemongrass

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The lower temperatures and cloudy skies inspired me to walk this morning, something I need to get back to doing to ready myself for the upcoming PKD Walk in October. On top of that, the lemongrass I put in my water gave me the energy boost I needed to get going. I’ve used lemon essential oil in the past but on my most recent shopping trip, I saw and smelled lemongrass and decided to try it instead. It is very light tasting, almost sweeter, and I enjoy it in water and iced tea.


Lemon and lemongrass EO’s are similar in benefits and uses. I think it comes down to personal preference, strong and pungent or light and sweet. While both oils are used for cleansing and detoxing one has a cooling effect and eases digestive and menstrual cramps. That one is lemongrass. Both are anti-microbial but if you want a stronger flavor enhancer, choose lemon.

As is true with frankincense, both are wonderful in a diffuser and help clean and freshen the air. I’ve been lazy lately and I’ve only been consuming my oils, I really need to get the diffuser busy again. I’m just so stingy I don’t want to use multiple drops in my diffuser-lower priced but good quality oils would be ideal for this.


As you can see from the photo, lemongrass has some amazing benefits and remember, you get them whether you diffuse, rub on topically or take internally. Is it any wonder both of these oils are found in so many cleaning products and bug repellents?

I actually just got up from my writing and went to set up the diffuser! Already the air is filling with the fresh, citrusy scents of orange, and lemongrass, in addition, I threw in some frankincense and peppermint for good measure. These days, we can’t be diligent enough about cancer prevention and I feel I’m helping our chances when I use and diffuse my oils. Plus,  who doesn’t love the smell of a clean house?

Back to the start of my post about walking, please remember to give what you can to help the PKD foundation and I reach our fundraising goals. The walk is in October and you can donate in my name to My team goal is $250 but I will be pledging my own amount as well in my mother’s memory, and a separate personal pledge also.

If you have any comments or questions, let me hear from you! Comment below or shoot me an email and also remember to get a free download of Dr Axe’s ebook on all things essential oils, it’s called The King’s Medicine Cabinet and no, I don’t work for him, I just love the handy references when I need them. While I didn’t put any disclaimer on my post, please know, I’m not a doctor or an aromatherapist, please check with yours to make sure whatever oil you choose to use will be safe. Please buy quality Theraputic grade oils. Pm me for direct links to my favorite sources.

I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon, I’ll be enjoying the cooler temps while they last later on, on the patio.