Day 17- EO Week- Peppermint

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I got on the trail a little later this morning, about the time I was coming back yesterday. The difference was, today I walked further, about 2 miles, and the strange thing was, I awoke earlier, didn’t dally, threw on some clothes, made sure my hair wouldn’t frighten anyone, and plugged my music in my ears and took off! Static-X put a pep in my step and I started off full of energy, however, on the way back, the pain in my shins was pretty bad. I pushed on through and got home and revived myself with a few sips of my water with lemongrass and frankincense and a new coffee drink I made that I found on Pinterest-Cowgirl Coffee! It’s different, but yummy, and totally Paleo. It’s a cold coffee with coconut milk and dark cocoa (unsweetened) powder and the recipe left out a sweetener, so I used Stevia to go, it was perfect after that.

We all remember the taste of Peppermint from starlight mints and those soft peppermint candies that my grandmother used to give me. What do you think they used to flavor those mints? Peppermint essential oil, of course!

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Also the beloved York peppermint patty and other favorites. If you’ll check out my Pinterest page on Everything Paleo, there is a recipe for homemade thin mints from that looks delicious.


To quote directly from his book The Kings Medicine Cabinet, ” Research has found peppermint can improve antibiotic resistance and help heal your body from the overuse of prescription antibiotics and other chemicals that affect your body”. It can do so many other things as well, due to is versatility. You can mix a few drops with some coconut oil and rub it on sore muscles, make home made toothpaste, since it fights bad breath and the odors it causes. It improves focus, energy and concentration and if I have a bloated or upset tummy, a drop in my water literally takes it all away. Try mixing a few drops with som Epsom salts in your bath tonight, your sore muscles will thank you! It also improves breathing and since its anti-viral, it fights infection and flu. Rubbed on your chest and the bottoms of your feet improves breathing and helps fight sinus infections. This is one essential oil that should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet, however in my home, it sits on the shelf above my sink, along with my other oils I use daily, so it’s within easy reach.


Peppermint is also easy to grow and use in your own home. When I lived in Groves, I grew it in my back yard in a pot and frequently used the leaves to freshen my water or tea.

I think I’ll go put some in the diffuser along with some orange and lemongrass and rub some on my shins-I’m sure my soreness will disappear and I’ll be able to concentrate better as well-that will come in handy for the creative writing project I started yesterday, not to mention, my to-do list I conjured up this morning.

Try some for yourself and let me know how it worked for you! Comments or questions are welcome as usual, enjoy your day and I’ll see you all tomorrow on the patio! 😉