Day 18-EO's Week- Lavender

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So, we are gearin up for our vacation, but before I get into that mode completely, I need to put the focus on another great essential oil to have in your cabinet, lavender! I will totally need to take this with me as it is great for healing bug bites and scratches. We all know how those coastal mosquitos are! Lavender oil is actually an ingredient in some mosquito repellents.


Along with several other oils I’ve discussed this week, lavender is also anti-viral, anti-biotic, and is a powerful anti-fungal. It disinfects as well as deodorizes. It’s no surprise then that it’s uses are wide and varied, from medicinal to cleansing.

When you want a good night’s sleep, try adding lavender to your diffuser and soon you will be relaxed and dreaming. I usually add it to mine in addition to other oils that go well together, or, I add it to my bath if I bathe at night, along its some Epsom salts. It soothes sore muscles and relaxes me so I get a good sleep.

Of course, it’s been used since ancient times as a perfume since its scent is floral and slightly woodsy. It was so valued for its medicinal benefits, people used to wear it on their person to ward off the plague. It’s been used for thousands of years, the Egyptians even used it for wrapping mummies.


Lavender can even help lower cholesterol, balance hormones and treat depression just by applying it topically to the neck. According to recent studies, it can even help balance blood sugar levels, making it an effective treatment for diabetes. It also helps lower blood pressure levels. An excellent article found on highlights the history as well as the efficacy of this powerful oil.

This is one of my top ten favorite oils to have around and I can attest for its skin healing and sleep producing benefits. In fact, I need to go get the diffuser ready right now, the stresses of everyday will soon melt away! That, coupled with the glass of Cabernet should have me in dreamland very quickly tonight. Yes, I’m allowed a glass of wine, in fact, as long as it’s red wine, it’s encouraged by the American Heart Association. Besides, as I alluded to earlier, vacation mode is near and I’m about to trade my patio for the beach for a week!

Have any of you tried Lavender and how did it work for you? Let me know in the comments and shoot me any questions you might have. Join me tomorrow for a talk about Rosemary. Until then, may all your dreams be peaceful, on the patio. 😴


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