Day 22-Vaca Day 3-Trip to Padre Island National Seashore

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An early morning thunderstorm woke me up at six am, I went scrambling out to the balcony to retrieve what might get wet, left out from the night before, only to find it not raining.😒 After everyone was up and errands and breakfast finished, we headed off on our adventure, sans my hubby, who opted to play golf. Oh well, to each his own.

We headed out, each with our own quest in mind, Bub wanted to fish, Connie wanted to hunt for shells and I wanted to catch the perfect wave on my boogie board, and maybe find a cool shell or two myself. Or a shark tooth, but also, those fantastic nature shots I love so well, birds, beach and whatever else catches my camera lens-or in this case, my iPhone camera.

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On the ride south to the park, I caught a great shot of some Pelicans taking off from the shoreline.


The blue water was in much closer today than yesterday and the waves look promising.


The dunes are beautiful in their own way and we were alert for the presence of sea turtles, but didn’t see any, or their eggs.


Not a soul on this stretch of beach, of course, we went 25 miles down to Big Shell Beach. Not many beach goers this time of year.


Plenty of small seashells though and Connie had her pick. She collected a bag but I just picked up a few.


The shells were polished and smooth from the sea. I like the ones with different patterns and shapes.


The wind was too much for Bub’s tent cover, it had lived out its life. Luckily, it stayed where it was and provided enough shade to get a break now and then until we left.

Other than that and Bubba busting one of his stitches in his hand, it was an enjoyable trip. Connie and I caught some great waves, even though we couldn’t get out to the best sandbar, the current was way to strong today. Dave also enjoyed his golfing and then we all had dinner at Virginia’s, an ok but overpriced eatery at the marina. Now it’s tim to relax and reflect on the day and get ready for whatever tomorrow has in store. See you tomorrow and pleasant dreams!

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