Day 24-Vaca Day 5-Fun on the Piers

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When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel, but turned out to be a great day and I think I’m on the mend. We decided to go do a little pier fishing and although we didn’t catch any keepers, it sure was fun trying.  Facebook made a lovely video, however I gave up trying to get it to post here, maybe tomorrow. I do have a couple that Connie took to prove we caught something though!

image image

Later on, my hubby and I did a little shopping and came across a wonderful Mexican imports shop called A Mano out on Hwy 361. They had the most interesting and original decor, things you don’t find in every-other-shop-around-town.

image image image

That is a small sample of all the merchandise they have. You can probably see more of their stuff at After that, we went and shared a gelato, a big ole cheat for me but, what the heck, I’m on vacation! Salted caramel…yum!

Later still, we decided to go back to the pier but a different one. We had better luck this  time, despite the huge ship dredging the channel.


Just a croaker and a gaff top but hey, we didn’t get skunked! I got a pretty pic of the sun going down and a dolphin, although he’s hard to see unless you enlarge it.

image image

Every time we’ve been to the pier at that time of the evening, we’ve been just in time to see the dolphins feeding. Since I’m particularly fond of them, that makes it extra special for me.

Another highlight to the day was hearing that my son who currently lives in Ohio, got a new job and starts tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear how it goes, what a perfect end to a very pleasant day. Feeling better is a plus as well, I’m looking forward to our big fishing trip tomorrow, deep sea fishing is the best! Until then, have a wonderful night.