Day 25-Vaca Day 6-Deep Sea Fishing

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My favorite part of the trip, besides fishing of course, is going out. The sunrise was beautiful, pink and blue in the buttermilk sky that surrounded the sun.


As we boarded our boat, I noticed how the sun reflected on the water as we slid onto our bench seats for the long ride out to our destination.

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As we passed by my dreamboat stationed in the marina, I took a couple of quick pics of my family, Bubba and Connie looking thoughtful and my hubby Dave, looking fine with the breeze in his hair. This is truly his element and we are both so happy when we’re near the water.

Believe it or don’t, I was the first to have a fish on, I wish I could say I kept it! It was a big shark and before it could beat me, he broke the line and got away. I made up for it with a 13lb red snapper, unfortunately, it’s not snapper season and it had to go back😔


What a beauty it was though! It was super busy for everyone after that, as one after another caught shark, mahi, king mackerel and my hubby caught a black fin tuna!

image image image

Here I am with the whole boat’s take and then my hubby and sister in law with our group’s haul. Not a bad day on the sea at all! And the water was some of the bluest I’ve ever seen!


As you can see, there’s an oil rig in the distance-and that’s where it stayed! We never went to one this trip, since that is mainly for snapper fishing, however, they put us on fish everywhere we went.

I love watching the waves crawl across the sea as the boat slices through them, the sun glisten on the undulating ocean as we glide smoothly toward another legendary fishing trip.

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  1. Glad you are all having a good time. You all work so hard most of the time. You all have earned a few daws off. Love you.

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