Day 28- Free Day-Random Thoughts

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I’ve been up since 4am and I’m super tired, so my thoughts are scattered and I’m struggling with what to write about. While on the subject of writing though, I recieved another rejection letter sometime last week while on vacation, that’s what I came home to. It was a story for The Sun and I was really hoping they would pick it. It was a creative writing attempt, not a business project and until last night, I thought I had to choose one of the two to focus on. After reading a post from QE, I feel better about thinking it’s possible to do both. See, some of you know that I started this whole process wanting to become a copywriter. Somewhere along the line, through all my study and research, I figured out there are other ways to write online and make money, so I took a stab at those first. This blog is kind of a middle ground in the sense that it’s a way to write creatively and practice writing daily (the only way to get better) and also can be used as a gateway to money making opportunities. My still undeveloped writer’s website is supposed to be for business, a place for future clients to find me and serve as a place to showcase my work. Problem is, if I never get published, I don’t have much to show, so I keep on trying….writing material and submitting it to various contests and/or publications.  This might explain why I still  haven’t gone live with the website yet. I can’t design it is the other. I’m at an impasse and considering scrapping the whole thing and starting over.

According to Quintessential Editor’s post last night on “Eating Your Greens”, one can equate greens with non-fiction writing which excercises the analytical side of your brain, while “desserts” (fiction) exercise the creative side. So why can’t I write copywriting projects some of the time and stories or poems or this blog, for example, the other part? I’ve been writing both non-fiction pieces and fiction, I just need to work out a plan of attack because it’s all starting to drive me a bit crazy. Some days I think I have it all together, then I read some article or blog post and I go off in a totally different direction. I read so much conflicting information, and I read so many great stories on other people’s blogs or sites like Medium and Tumblr, I struggle with which type I want to do more of. I want it all and the want it now type of thing. The struggle is real people! Right now, the thing I need most however, is sleep. So off to bed I go, but before that, I welcome any suggestions, so comment below if you have something to say. Peace out and pleasant dreams everyone. 😴

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