Day 34-Free Days- Saturday Mornings Musings

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So, I was up at the butt crack this morning, had to take the girls to the groomers for a bath and hair cuts. Along the way, I passed by several houses with furniture sitting by the side of the road and one piece was an old desk. I thought as I passed by, man, I’d like to have that but I know my husband would shriek about bringing “someone else’s junk home”, and besides that, it needs refinishing…badly! In addition, I believe it’s against a city ordinance to pick items up, free or not, from the side of the road, even though folks around here do it all the time! So, I sent the pics to my crafty sister in law-in case she needed a project piece, however, I still might ask the hubby if we can go get that desk, ha! I’m not even sure I have the talent and/or energy it would take to transform it, I just know, I don’t like my makeshift office furniture I’m using at the moment. I thought I’d throw in a few pics of the pieces I passed up just for grins- also, I’ll show you before and after pics of my beautiful shorkies once they get back from the groomers. I don’t mind being up early on Saturday, we get a jump on projects and errands and the world just seems much more pretty and peaceful in the mornings. As a bonus, I heard my new favorite song on the way to the groomers and got  my  rockin on early this morning! It’s a song by a French group called Gojira, called Stranded and it’s already popular on Sirius/XM. I love it, but then again, I’m a rocker so….

Brandy before grooming
Brandy before grooming
The girls together
The girls together

Here is the furniture I passed by this morning

image image

Pit all looks pretty rough now that I’m back home and can see it more clearly. Oh well, someone will get it by day’s end I’m sure, maybe someone who REALLY needs it. 😊

Have you ever picked up pieces of furniture or something else on the side of the road and transformed it into a thing of beauty? I want to see it if so. I’ve got to go get ready to pick up the pups in a while so they can sit with mme later, on the patio. 😀

Brandy after grooming
Brandy after grooming

image Whiskey after grooming

10 Replies to “Day 34-Free Days- Saturday Mornings Musings”

  1. I applaud your yearning to take something home and transform it. To a miser like me, that must be the ultimate. I wouldn’t do it, because I wouldn’t be able to see the beauty in a piece or have the ability to refinish anything. I had a neighbor, though, who was talented along those lines. She was forever recycling things. Her furnishings were never the same two years in a row. It was most refreshing, because I could enjoy her talent without lifting a finger.

  2. We’ll bring almost anything home that’s not tied down…(no we don’t steal!) lol..I once went to a place that was giving a cat scratching post away(when I had a cat), the people’s father had just passed and they wanted to give everything away, so I spied around and saw this really nice old short table…I pointed at it and they hummed and hawed but said yes! SCORE! They said to come back the next day and look around more so we returned and no one was home….Me think they were a tad ticked at me for taking the only nice thing in the house!
    I’ve refinished many things, my fav is my set of drawers in the bathroom, I’ll post it one day Kim, 🙂 my name is Teresa (Ladybuggz is my alias), I usually just sign things T. 🙂
    I just gave my old guy a bath last night and trimmed his face up and his ears this morn…they were getting crusty from hanging in his food! Crusty ears are gross!! I do all my own grooming on him..can’t afford not too! Cheers! I’m not too bad, but just don’t look real close!! ha!ha! ha! 🙂 T.

      1. Nice to meet you too Amy! I think the only thing in my house I actually payed for was the beds, my huge kitchen table (that I use half of for my art )Living room suite, TV and a few collectables from garage sales! Oh, and my computer! All the art, my camera’s and other STUFF (lol..) was either given, inherited or I’m shy to say Dumpster dived (my living room curtains, they are getting old now so I must find new ones) ! Yes, I’m strange! lol…. Welcome to my weird world! 🙂 . hubby is a Janitor at a Bank & other businesses, they throw out brand new stuff all the time, so he brings me things ….need any paper clips, pens or X-mas ornaments , maybe a pumpkin hat?? lol !!! 🙂 T.

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