Day 42-Free Days-Let Freedom Ring

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As I clean up from another successful family gathering, I’m aware of the anniversary today is and think of the fifty word story I submitted just a few days ago, commemorating 9/11 in my own small way.

[Survivors and the families of lost loved ones gathered en masse to gaze at the blue lights the city had erected. In the same way they cannot forget, they will not forgive either. “We will seek justice”, they chant together. With that, the plan is hatched, retribution will be theirs.]

It has been suggested that I expound on the story, and I have been thinking on it, but I’m still not ready and honestly I don’t know if I’m that good of a storyteller.  Even after watching yet another magazine feature on the story and what has become of ground zero, I still didn’t formulate any grand idea yet. If you didn’t see CBS Sunday Morning show today, you missed a good one and what they have done is breathtaking. Inverted fountains with all the names of the missing and the dead, forever etched in stone surround each of the finished fountains, with more monuments to come. The monolithic masterpiece that stands in the place of the twin towers is a stunning, middle finger to the enemy and shows just how much we refuse to bow down and cower in fear. To me it says “we will not go quietly into the night.” It is a constant reminder that we will not forget, forgiving is up to each individual family that lost someone or survived the horror of that day and therefore, cannot be determined by me or anyone else that did not witness or personally lose someone that day.

I like to imagine that the survivors gather as a group with these things in common and dream of a way to get vengeance. If I do ever expound on the story, I will preface it with a disclaimer that it is purely a work of fiction, since I can’t begin to guess what each member of said group might be thinking. I bet one thought remains true with each and every one of them though…let freedom ring.

I thought of what I would write about this week and came up with a couple of possible topics, one was Local Events Week where I would highlight upcoming important days for citywide happenings. Another thought I had was to strengthen my storytelling skills by having story week, off of a word or sentence prompt found somewhere on the web. What would you, my followers rather hear, or, what would be helpful or interesting to you? Drop me a line, suggestion or comment and I’ll work it into the calendar for the remainder of the month. If I don’t hear from you, I guess I’m on my own and free to choose what I want. I’ll be thinking about it while sitting on the patio. 🇺🇸

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  1. Great blog today Kim, it’s a sad day across the world….I’ve been riveted to the TV all evening (except to go to the water front and take a few pictures)…I think everyone needs a good laugh after today! and Fiction can be a great start! Nothing too serious! ((hugs)) T.

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