Day 48-Free Days-Quick Update

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I thought tonight I would give everyone who’s been following along a quick update on our progress in the master bedroom. Today it was finally time to lay the floor. We went with a laminate wood, with a weathered look pattern. I personally love it and cannot wait to get our new furniture to complete the look. Turns out, my son had to work so Dave and I installed it ourselves, luckily, we’ve done it many times just us two.

First, we put down the moisture barrier. Luckily, our flooring came with the pad already attached and is very quiet.


Here is an example of the variation in the pattern.


Finally, a pic of the room at almost halfway finished.


I forgot to take a picture of the finished product before we put the old furniture back in, so you’ll just have to wait until we get the new stuff. Sorry, we were super tired and still had to go feed our fat and go furniture shopping. Dinner was great, shopping, not so much. The plan is for David to make our headboard and then we just have to buy the mattress and box springs (king this time), side tables and a dresser or chest of drawers.

What we want is kind of a white distressed or pickle-washed look, it may take awhile to find what we’re looking for. Wish us luck, and I’ll post another update when it’s all done. I’d rather you see it with the base installed and furniture in place than how it looks today. Hopefully, the wait won’t be too long. For now it’s time for a rest, on the patio. 

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  1. We did our living room with a laminate and it looks great, you’d never know it wasn’t real wood! Now we have to repaint again! Kitchen first though….it was painted (the whole house in baby cacca brown) yuck! But my kitchen counters are grey/brown/ and a bit of white mixed in…don’t have a clue what colour to paint my kitchen cause it’s so dark I want something light! but not so light it shows dirt easily?? any idea’s? T.

        1. You’re welcome! We changed our old kitchen many years ago in a different house, from screaming sunshine yellow to almond with white trim, and enjoyed it so much. I would enter that kitchen every morning feeling like it was yelling at me, it was so loud, after the paint change it was much more calming and somehow cleaner looking. 😊

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