Day 53-Tips and Tricks Week-Quick Kitchen Hacks

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You know those days when you’re in the kitchen, pressed for time because you have a huge dinner party to get ready for? Yeah, me neither, but I thought I’d share some really cool kitchen hacks to save you precious time to get back to Big Brother or whatever you were doing.

The first one comes from Fixitsamo and shows how to speed peel everything from an avocado to a kiwi right here:

I found it on Instructables along with the coolest trick I’ve ever seen to peel boiled eggs in my life! Get that one here:

I’ve personally tried that one and it really works! That’s all I have for you today, watch the videos and let me know how the tricks worked for you.

Now get out of that kitchen and enjoy your day! I’m off to gather up some more tips and tricks to share with you tomorrow! In the meantime, don’t forget about the upcoming events-

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  1. How did you know I needed an egg-peeling seminar? Yesterday I laborously peeled six eggs and questioned my sanity the whole time. I’m definitely going to try the water-boarding method. If the eggs don’t come clean, they will die.

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