Day 58-What If….Week-I Played With Graphic Design?

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Today I wanted to take my lesson on graphic design and illustrate some of what I learned. 

I also wanted to speak on yesterday’s post, I was one day late in the Light up the World challenge started by Tre on Medium, but no matter-I’m in it now. So, today is actually day 3.

image My image for today, representing day 3, unity and joy. What could be sweeter than jellybeans? I wish all the candles were lit, but at least there are three. Multicolor candles and jellybeans for unity.

Light up Medium, Light up the World! Tremaine L. Loadholt

Please remember to light your candle tonight at 7:11 for at least 17 minutes, take a picture and post it all over social media. 

Check out Tre’s original post on Medium and follow along will you?

As you can see, I’ve used a few tricks to

Illustrate some very basic graphic design

Underlining, italics, bold, margins, media

With more practice I’ll get better. AND I still created the content 

I wanted, by continuing on the quest to Light. It. Up. I’ve also started writing some on Medium myself, and hope to be published in The Weekly Knob where the writing prompt for the week is “candle”. So far, nothing I have written goes to that yet, this is all part of the campaign to get millions of people to light a candle in unity to stop the madness going on in the world and gear the conversation towards peace, love and hope.

I’ll let you know if my story gets published, meanwhile, check out the article, light your candles and spread the word and let’s see if together, we can start the healing process.

  • Thanks for joining me for “What if I played with Graphic Design?
  • Join me tomorrow for the next What If story and Day 4 of the quest
  • Meanwhile, my candle will be burning-on the patio 😍