Day 62-Free Days-Doggie Daycare

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My Father-in-law was a retired marine, for several years before he passed away, he and my Mother-in-law attended the reunion of his detachment from the USS Lexington. His passing has not stopped my Mother-in -law from carrying on the tradition, last year, my husband and I and the other siblings attended as well, since it was here in Ft Worth.

A moment of peace.
A moment of peace.

This year, the reunion was in Indiana, so my Brother-in-law accompanied her so she would not have to make the trip alone. We offered to take care of her little dog Paco, an apple head chihuahua that she has had for many years. My house has become a doggy day care of sorts, toys scattered everywhere, my game room taken over by kennels and food and water bowls. My dogs are approximately the same size, we thought “what’s one more going to hurt”….

Well, let’s just say, they don’t exactly like each other, Paco is older and used to living alone with Claudette. He hasn’t caused any problems, barely moving out of his little bed since he’s been here. My dogs however, are young and hyper and think he should be playing with them, they want his food instead of their own and if I try to cuddle with him, the jealousy reigns. I just had to snap this photo during a rare moment of peace when they were all calmly sitting together next to me on the couch.

Tomorrow our week of doggie daycare comes to an end and Paco can go back to life the way he knew it and Whiskey and Brandy can claim their rightful places next to Dave and me on the couch. All will be right with the world again.

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  1. That’s great that you caught one peaceful moment with the dogs together. Do you suppose humans would be that contentious if we didn’t have social pressure making us get along?

  2. Cute! 🙂 When ever someone brings over their dog, my little guy just pretends he’s invisible! And yes, they always want the others food! Good story! T.

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