Day 67-My Life in Photos Week-My Transition

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The photos I’m showing in this week’s posts are only from the last couple of years because I’m working off my iPad and have limited time. So, since that’s the time frame I’m using, and since I’ve been living the Paleo lifestyle for exactly that long, I thought I’d share my transition through some, at times, extremely candid photos.

Oddly enough, for whatever reason, the first photo is from five years ago, right before my surprise 50th birthday party, lovingly planned by my sweet hubby and my wonderful friend and party planner extroidinair, Michelle. Why it is here on my iPad is a mystery, since all other pics only go back to the spring of 2014. Maybe when I loaded all my old pics to the computer, I saved it for a profile pic or something. Anyway, this is me 5 years ago.


The next one is a favorite that my friend Julie took while she, my hubby and I were on a quick fishing trip. It’s totally candid and off guard and early in my weight loss journey-the calendar shows summer of 2014, and since I have a terrible memory, I’m going off of that.image

I love it because neither of us had time to fake a smile, these are genuine.

The next one is from just after Christmas the same year, beefing for the camera with my then fuzzy hubby, his brother and girlfriend.


Maybe it’s because I’m short, maybe I have body image issues, idk, but I feel like I look fat. I was on my way to losing weight, getting healthier and trying to look decent for my upcoming cruise in the spring of 2015.


These are from said cruise and somehow all the pics just show me from the neck up, lol. Still, you can see I’ve lost some by my face. I had lost 20lbs at that point.


This one is from earlier this year, while on a girls trip with my old bunch form Sertoma. I obviously was working on the tan, or lack thereof! The last one is from this past summer and while not flattering, shows me at my goal weight, but with a serious need to tone up. I can’t wait until cooler weather so I can hopefully get back to walking and biking. I should have done more swimming this summer, I have a pool, I guess if I’m honest, when I had the time to get in it, I spent more time floating than working out!


Someday, maybe I’ll be comfortable in my own skin, not sure when that will be since I’m 55 and still uncomfortable looking at these pics, however, I am proud of my weight loss and how much more healthy I have become while living the Paleo lifestyle. My hope is that my seeing what I have accomplished, other people might see how easy it is, and try it themselves.

Any questions can be asked and comments are welcome (but be nice😉). I realize I’m sharing lots of myself this week, inside and out, but what is the topic of this blog? A place we can talk about anything right? Just being honest and open with you guys. Join me tomorrow when (with permission of course) I share some pics of me and my friends.

Goodnight and see you tomorrow-you know where!

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