Day 70-Free Days-

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Some Sundays I have every intention of going to church and still don’t make it. Today was one such Sunday. I know that God understands that these things happen and He knows I love him. That being said, I pray that all those I care about and I have a good week in spite of it.

Later on in the day my hubby and I made preparations for dinner for ourselves and my Dad and brother. They came and we enjoyed the Cowboys victory while dining on Grilled bbq chicken, or pork chops, salad and roasted butternut squash, recipe courtesy of Healthy Seasonal Recipes, which you can find on Pinterest. After dinner, my dad, brother and I retired to the game room and played a few rounds of pool.

My Brother taking his shot
My Brother taking his shot


Dad is the pro who taught my brother and I the skills needed to play the game. Here he is lining up his shot. The man is almost 83 and still shoots like a pro! I enjoy this time spent with family and only wish the boys could have been here too. Chris is on call with his job and Sean was with friends today. Josh is back at home safe in Ohio after a week traveling with his new job.

This morning my brother-in-law and his wife came over because he was helping the hubby install the new attic stairs. I wasn’t expecting Connie and had much to show her and we enjoyed our visit. She helped my fix the bow on my homemade wreath (as it was kind of floppy already) and later I went and saw her at her house as well.

Hubby handled the Sunday grocery shopping, for that I was grateful not to have to deal with, I finished up the laundry which freed me to help prepare dinner later. The dogs always enjoy company and the roasted butternut squash was a hit with them as well, lol. All in all it was a good day and to top it off, I saw another milestone today, 500 likes! Yea!! Thank you to each and every one who has liked my posts. I appreciate all of you reading and following along.

I hope everyone else had a good day and has a great week! See you all back here tomorrow when I tackle a new topic, yet to be determined on the patio. 😉