Day 71-Open Topics Week-A Little History

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Happy Columbus Day to everyone here in the good ole USA and for my Canadian friends and fellow bloggers, Happy Thanksgiving! Until I talked to Teresa, aka Ladybuggz from Photos and Word From A Wandering Mind blog, I had no idea that Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October. It is also older than our Thanksgiving, dating back to 1578 when explorer Martin Frobisher landed safely after losing a ship on his third voyage there. He was giving thanks for the fact that he arrived safely and held a big celebration. Now you know the story.


As far as the USA goes, we celebrate Thanksgiving in much the same way, stuffing our faces with turkey and all the trimmings while watching football but on a different day of the week. Ours is set on the fourth Thursday of November and can be traced back to 1621 when early settlers celebrated at Plymouth Plantation for having a successful growing season. All 50 survivors of the Mayflower were in attendance as well as 90 Native Americans and the meal was prepared by the four adult Pilgrims women who survived their first winter in the New World (according to wikipedia).

There are many different accounts of this as well as the Canadian version, depending on the source the information comes from. The bottom line is, Thanksgiving is just that. Giving thanks for all our blessings. So that is my very short history lesson for the day and now we can all start considering what we will do in a couple of weeks to prepare for our own feasts and what we all have to be thankful for.

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Do you cook it yourself or eat out somewhere? Let me know in the comments and also, share what else we can discuss this week which I have deemed Open Topics week. It could be crafts you are making or food you want to share some recipes for, whatever! If I don’t get any input, you will see something random from me-thats for sure. I become quite overwhelmed at this time of year with all the events coming up, birthdays, holidays, home repairs going on, a baby on the way, Halloween decorating to do (maybe) phew! Surely I can find something to talk about but I want some ideas from you guys.

One more thing, please remember the PKD Walk is coming up soon-Oct 22- so consider contributing to my fundraising team by visiting walkforpkd.or/northtexas to donate in my name or finding out more info on a walk in your area by visiting the PKD Foundation. Thank You!

I decided to go walk to get the old legs in shape for the upcoming walk, the route I chose seems perfect for this, it has a few upand downhill gradients, sort of simulating being on a treadmill. It took me exactly 30 minutes, perfectly fine amount of time to get the excercise in and still have time for other things. I plan on continuing in this fashion until I build my leg muscles back up to a point where I can then be able to climb back on my bicycle and carve out a new path. Y’all wish me luck and I’ll see you tomorrow on the patio!😀



5 Replies to “Day 71-Open Topics Week-A Little History”

  1. It’s been a while since History lessons but thanks Kim, now I know and will probably not forget this time!! Had a nice quiet day, great turkey dinner and we are very thank full!
    Hope you do well in the Walk, and riding your bike should help strengthen your thighs and calves!
    ps…I’m going to share a facebook post with you, I hope you don’t mind? it’s hilarious and you’ll get a good chuckle! My sister in law, brother, hubby, me and Buggz are the stars! It’s my birthday card from them!

  2. When we lived on Long Island, we always celebrated Thanksgiving with John’s family. Toward the end, there would be up to 35 people gathering to give thanks. There were family members, friends, and perhaps a new family with no others to celebrate with. I always made the pies — pumpkin and cranberry mince. I liked baking pies, and that was something I could do ahead. I was the organist, so I played the service at church before we had dinner. How marvelous it was to have a full Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings, and all I had to do was bring the pies! Since we moved to North Carolina, we’ve had my brother with some of his family, our daughter from Denmark, our local son, and neighbors. We don’t know who will be coming this year, except for two of our children and John’s cousin and wife from Illinois. We’ve never had this holiday with the IL contingent. It’s going to be fun.

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