Day 73-Falling Acorns

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One of the oak trees in my front yard
One of the oak trees in my front yard

Last night, or should I say early this morning, I got up to let the dogs out and the wind was blowing hard, the air was moist and I could have sworn it was about to rain. As I lay back down and tried to fall asleep, I was startled by the sounds of several acorns first smacking the roof and then rolling off. Had I not heard them rolling, I would have mistaken it for hail, but we never even got a drop of rain. Maybe tomorrow!

Well, I’m tired, I’m going to go make sure dinner is done before it’s time to watch Survivor! Any other Survivor fans out there? Night all, see you manana, on the patio! 😴

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  1. We have crows that drop walnuts on the roof’s and hope they break when the land on the ground…they also like to use roof’s of cars and the telephone wires! I don’t know how many walnuts I’ve picked up out of our yard, and the tree is 1/2 a block away!!
    Did you get my face book message? I think I sent it to the correct Kim??? 🙂 T.

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