Day 78- What Are You Tired Of? Week

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You know those annoying commercials they play over and over again, like certain car ads or some service company, to the point of nausea? Yeah, those. I’m sick and tired of them, even though I know they are the reason we get to watch the programs we watch.

Here where I live, there are some companies that can evidently afford to show them about 100 times a day, not even kidding! Local company Baker Brothers shows their ad, there may be a different ad play, then theirs shows again!! This happens all day long, and I know what you’re thinking-I watch too much tv or how would I know that. Not so fast! I watch the news in the mornings while getting ready for work. During this hour or so, I hear the commercial about 8-10 times. Then, when I get to work, her mother has the tv on all day and if I’m in the room, I hear it another 8-10 times throughout the day. And that’s just one local company. There are two more that make the same loop-Milestone Electric and All Seasons Pest Control. They play them so much, I know all the tag lines, stupid jingles and what their script is.

Whatever happened to the good old days when you looked forward to the funny commercials they showed during the Super Bowl, or better yet, hardly any commercials at all? It’s no wonder we all want to record programs so we can fast forward through them all. I just haven’t learned to do that for all programming. On the days that I’m off, I rarely turn the tv on. Of course that’s because I’m busy doing other things like writing or housework-I’d rather just have music in the background. Or quiet, peace and quiet!

Its enough to make me want to scream, how about you? This week, I’m going to talk about all those little things that annoy us or that we are tired of. What are y’all sick of? Maybe I’ll use one of yours on my blog. Meanwhile, I’ll be searching for some ad free time on the patio 😬

4 Replies to “Day 78- What Are You Tired Of? Week”

  1. I’m tired of Donald Trump and his “Trumpizm’s” (Lies) It’s everyone’s fault but his own! He’s just a big spoiled bully! that has a temper tantrum if he doesn’t get his way! He doesn’t like it: Sue them, Fire them, Hit them, Put them in jail, sexually assault them when they least expect it… ect.ect…..Sorry, I hate Donald Trump!! ( actually I’m not sorry I hate the prick) That’s what I’m tired of!!… Well you asked!! lol…. T.

  2. Thank heavens my pet peeve is not nearly as invasive as yours. I was tired of telephone sales calls. Despite the fact that we had our land line on the “do not call” list, we continued to get those pesky calls. We finally discontinued that line and have enjoyed a quieter, more peaceful house ever since.

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