Day79-What R U Tired of? Week-This Election

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Yall with me on this? Me too, I got you Boo!

Seriously, is it time to vote yet, cause I’m over it already. Whether you choose a side, vote for the lesser evil, don’t vote at all, just get it over with! I’m sick of the smear ads, the comical debates, the sad truth that SNL’s portrayal is wildly more popular than the real thing, I’m just done with it. I want voting day to just be here already so we can put an end to it, and get on with the suffering. Cause I mean, really, that’s what we’re in for-four (at least) more years of suffering under the guidance of either a tyrant, or a bully, depending on which side wins. Four more years of promises that never come true, agendas that congress won’t approve and media coverage ad naseum of how bad the new pres is making all of our lives. I can’t wait! 🙄 At least the waiting for Election Day will be over though, right???

How do you all feel about it? Do you really think either one will make a good president and change anything for the better? Let me know your thoughts (good or bad) in the comments below. And if you’re sick of this, wait til Election Day, when we start hearing about how the voting was rigged blah, blah, blah. It’s going to be a circus, I’m sure. That’s only my unsolicited opinion though, I want to hear what y’all have to say. Meanwhile, I’ll be working on my next post, story or article on the patio 😉

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