Day 80-What R U Tired of? Week-Minor Annoyances

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I’m so glad I blogged early yesterday because I spent most of the day in agony with muscle spasms in my back. I wore my Dad’s back brace that he kindly loaned me on a separate occasion last week! I’m sick of dealing with my stupid back, if it isn’t one thing-my hip out of joint-it’s another, like these too frequent back spasms. The pain goes right over my kidneys, making me worry that it’s them hurting and not my back, except for the fact that I felt the exact moment when it happened. I was reaching for the soap while in the tub when….like a lightening bolt of pain, one second was all it was, resulting in a long day of pain. Same thing happened last week while I was helping Stephanie with her stretches. All I did was bring her legs back up on the bed, the action of the muscles in my back resulted in another spasm so bad I had to sit down and work on getting breath into my lungs. I tried ice, which helped temporarily. Yes, I know I should probably go see a chiropractor but that’s an expensive and time consuming bother right now at this very busy time of the year.

Yesterday afternoon, I could take it no more and finally went to Walgreens and got some Percogesic, an OTC medicine with a pain reliever+mild muscle relaxer.

Surprise shopper at Walgreens yesterday
Surprise shopper at Walgreens yesterday

(seeing this funny sight at Walgreens yesterday slightly lifted my spirits)

It helped, but I’m still sore this morning. Personally, I think all this is stemming from my couch, which wasn’t cheap by the way, and while it fits our space perfectly, it is impossible to sit comfortably on. We are constantly shifting positions, trying to fluff the deep seated cushions, moving the oversized pillows, nothing helps. Anyone want a huge couch that seats eight people-albeit, tall people, “comfortably”? Anyhoo, I’m currently writing this blog from my husband’s old recliner, which may or may not be a better seating alternative. I’ve got my coffee and the diffuser going with some orange, lemongrass and bergamot essential oils, and it smells heavenly in here! By the way, here is in the game room where the recliner is and right now, the minor annoyance is the sun coming through the blinds and right in my eyes! -sigh-


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  1. OMG, this is not good! I would go see Ken Cooper to at least assess the back/hip issue! You will not be able to do all the things you need to do because you are in so much pain. It is going to get even more expensive if you do nothing about it. I am thinking putting the couch on Craigslist or Next-Door before Christmas. There may be someone out there who would be willing to buy the couch! Maybe we need to cut back on how much you physically help me. Rolling on, Stephanie

    1. No, please don’t worry! I’m much better today and I will keep wearing the brace when I do physical activity until I can go be assessed. (And possibly sit in a different chair, lol) You are sweet to be concerned though, thank you.😊

  2. Never ends does it?? We bought a couch and chair especially tall (because we are both tall) cause if your butt goes below your knee’s to sit down it hurts your back and it’s hard to get up!
    I’m dealing with major pins and needles down my left arm/neck/shoulder and into my rib cage…sometimes the Chiro helps but there are times he makes it worse! We get 10 visits a year @ $5.00, then after that it cost’s us $25 a visit, I used up all my 10 visit’s by June! Yes they get expensive! Hope your back is feeling better soon! Does ice help? or are you a heat person? (hugs) T.

    1. I use ice mostly, that and a really hot bath help. I should also do my back exercises more.😏 Anyway, thanks for commiserating with me. Feeling better today. 😊

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