Day 81-What R U Tired of Week

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                 Bad Traffic Behavior

Bob's personal journey of spiritual growth gets bogged down behind some idiot going half the speed limit.
Bob’s personal journey of spiritual growth gets bogged down behind some idiot going half the speed limit.

Ever have those days? Despite your best efforts to be nice, not curse at bad traffic or the behavior of some folks on the road, you fail? I’m sure we all do, whether it’s a jam, someone cutting you off, or just idiotic behavior you notice-someone on the phone, eating and driving, reading and driving, going too slow or too fast, weaving all over the road, heck, I’ve even seen someone doing their nails!!! We have all dealt with it, maybe even been guilty of a few things ourselves.


That’s why I’m a fan of newer cars that offer hands free, Bluetooth enabled vehicles. No excuse to have the phone to your ear anymore. Like the one my hubby surprised me with yesterday! (Sorry, had to brag a little, its a beauty!)

My new ride- a Dodge Challenger
My new ride- a Dodge Challenger

Actually, my last car,  Chevy Impala, also had it and many cars made in the last three or so years do. Why, then do we continue to see people with the phone glued to their ears? I have literally counted the cars for a certain stretch of time that had someone doing something more than driving. It’s no wonder there are so many accidents and road rage occurrences. Distracted drivers are the number one cause of all traffic accidents today.

We all need to be safer on the road, not to mention considerate of other drivers on the road. Can we all just slow down, be polite and less distracted? We will all get to our destinations, even if it takes a little longer-at least we arrive alive!

What bad traffic behaviors are you tired of? What other improvements do you see car companies making to remedy the problems? Let me hear from you in the comments.

I’m off to watch the remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show, who’s with me?!! Later Janet!

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