Day 85-Family Matters

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It’s only Monday and the tone has been set for the next two weeks! Family medical issues became the focus as fast as you can say party time….is over! First, I took Dad in to get his catheter removed, he was so exited to have that done! Tomorrow, however, we go in for some tests to determine if his bladder is just weak, or shot. If the latter, he may have to have it put back in and/or learn how to self-cath. What a bummer. We will get it all figured out, of that I’m confident.

Then, I got news from my beloved, that his week ain’t shaping up that well either. His PSA, prostate specific antigen, which marks for prostate cancer, was a point higher than two months ago. On top of that, he had his consultation with the surgeon that is going to work on his eye. See, he had basal cell carcinoma removed about a year ago from the inside corner of his eye. Sad part is, they didn’t get it all. So, he has to have the rest of it removed. Next Thursday. All day. My sweet Stephanie understands and I’m so glad her family is there to help her when I can’t be. I’m hoping we can get through the surgery on his eye before they want to do a biopsy on his prostate. Please say an extra prayer for my guys, they mean the world to me!

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! Luckily, I’m able to help take Dad to appts. and I will be there to take my hubby to get his surgery done. If there is a scheduling conflict, hopefully my oldest son or my brother can help me out. I’m praying all goes well for both my guys, and we can get back to our normal shenanigans around here-you know, knocking back cold ones and playing round after round of pool. If by cold ones you mean iced water with lemon and flavored iced teas that is 😉

In the words of George Micheal and then later Limp Bizquit, you gotta have faith!

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear of these serious medical problems. I’m praying for your dear fellows and for you. My husband said it isn’t always easy being the caregiver, but he’d rather do that than be the one in the hospital. We had an agreement that I’d be the patient, and he’d hold the family together. It worked perfectly until last year when he was in the hospital for two days, the first time he’d stayed overnight in a hospital since he was a child. He now has a stent and is feeling fine. May the Lord bless you all in these difficult times.

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