Day 86- Gluten Free Beer?

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Omg, have I got a scary story for you all just in time for Halloween!!

Yesterday, Stephanie and I were talking about my husband and how he is trying to stop eating bread but still drinking beer. Wouldn’t it be great if there was such a thing as gluten free beer?

Then I open my email this morning and BAM!! The Whole Journey did a whole blog post about the taste test they did featuring, you guessed it! GLUTEN FREE BEER! It’s like the internet can hear my thoughts-🎶do, do , do, do do, do do. 🎶 Lol.

They talked about several different kinds and then I scrolled down and found the one that got the most comments and likes.

Reader's Favorite-Omission
Reader’s Favorite-Omission

This beer is from a company based in San Diego and is touted as an easy drinking beer for game day. What they do is they treat it with an enzyme during the bottling process that breaks down the gluten and it’s proteins. Sounds like the perfect one for my hubby to experiment with the first time, because,  according to an article on Fox, it would be hard for a regular beer drinker to taste the difference. They did a story called 6 Beers You Need To Try, and this beer was the author’s favorite. It does have minute amounts of barley in it, making them unable to label it as gluten free, but it’s so small an amount, the FDA deems it gluten free. They have three styles, Lager, Pale Ale and IPA, which stands for India Pale Ale which has to do with the history of the IPA, not the country which it came from originally.

This means that people with celiac disease can enjoy beer again, as well as someone like me who follows a Paleo lifestyle. According to the same Fox article, there might be one even I, a non-beer drinker would like called Tweason Ale by Dogfish Head. They said it is made with fresh strawberries and honey and tastes more like a summer spritzer than beer. Yea!

Dogfish Head Tweason Ale
Dogfish Head Tweason Ale


Another featured beer on the site called New Grist, is a favorite of light beer drinkers due to the 5 ABV and fruity taste which it gets from hints of apple and other fruit. Brewed without wheat or barley, instead it’s made from sorghum, rice, hops, water and yeast.

I can’t wait to test the waters and introduce my hubby to one of these beers! He gave up bread for me (to see if it alleviated his pain) but I can’t ask him to give up his beloved beer! This sounds like a possible solution to the problem to me. I’m going to try one as well, let’s just hope the price is also nice! Wish us luck!

Have you heard of or tried any gluten free beers? Let me know which are your favorites in the comments and I’ll see you tomorrow on the patio 😎🍻


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    1. Thanks T, and no, he does like other things, wine, crown royal and coke, but only drinks those occasionally, beer is his first love, lol!

  1. Shut the front door, really!! Depending on the price this could be a good Christmas present for my dad to try!! Thanks for sharing this with us all! Rolling on, Stephanie

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