It's Finished!

37,500- That ended up being my final NaNoWriMo word count total. So, I’m bummed, thinking of course how I could have done, should have done more. At the same time, Im proud of what I did achieve and the things I learned along the way.

Thanks to everyone who helped me, with your positive comments and encouragement and thank you so much for following my blog! Good night, see you tomorrow because I am DONE writing for today, lol!!

Day 122- NaNoWriMo Final Push

Yea! It’s the last day and I can say I’ve given it as good a try as can be expected with everything else I have had going on this month. I’ve written through illnesses and appointments, work days and some nights, a wrecked house and less-than-perfect work space, and devoted more hours to writing than I ever have. I’ve made new friends along the way, started writing on more platforms and learned how to properly write essays and tell better stories.

I’m slightly worried about the state of my arse growing wider from all  the time spent in this chair, but other than that, I think it’s gone swimmingly, all things considered. (I do try to get up and stretch occasionally) So many good things have come out of  this exercise to reach the magic word count, and I’m happy to have participated again this year. My hope is that by next year, I might even be prepared to pen an actual novel! (or the start of one anyway)

I’ve come to the realization that I probably will not make the magic number of 50,000, even though I wrote diligently every day. I’m ok with that. I got further than last year, I can tell you that. I’ve had a lot of support along the way, mostly from fellow writers and bloggers, but even my husband has reached an understanding of what I’ve tried to accomplish and I’m happy to report that he has tried to be accommodating as I make my final push, he knows how hard I’ve worked and cannot believe that I didn’t reach my goal. He has also tried to make me feel better about myself, since I’ve been down about not achieving nanaowrimo success. I’m still a winner in his eyes. 🙂

My word count up to the point where I started my last day of writing this morning (early) was 34,838, and I hope to at least crest the 40,000 mark by day’s end. Everyone knows that reads this here blog that today is my day for visiting my Dad, so the writing time will be mainly this morning. I might be able to cram a little bit more in before supper tonight, if I’m lucky.

All in all it’s been a great learning experience, I’ve started writing on more publications, developed some good daily habits, and sent off more work to paying publications than ever before. (maybe I’ll finally see a check in a month or two) Editors do take a bit of time to read one’s work, so the money doesn’t come until weeks, sometimes months, after the work has been submitted. I’ve also learned that things flow much smoother if one has a plan, so each day, I start by looking at my calendar and all of my self imposed assignments for that day, which gives me the drive to want to accomplish each daily task. Doing this exercise has also taught me that I really do love writing, and I want to continue learning how to become better at it, even if that means more classes on or off the internet. As far as my blog is concerned, I really need to spend some time making an editorial calendar for next year, with a solid plan on what subjects I will tackle each day, even though life throws you a curve every now and then and changes will sometimes have to be made.

I’ve loved participating in various blogger challenges, so if those come along, I’ll just change my plan for that day, or write a second blog entry- no harm in doing that, right?

I hope you have all enjoyed following me along in my journey and I know some of you might be as ready for it to end as I am, even though it’s been real, I now have so much other work to do as a result, I’m ready to get on with other tasks. Tasks, like my stories for The Weekly Knob have me stretching my creative muscles, and daily assignments like 100 Naked Words have me simply putting my thoughts and feelings on the page. I’m hoping my experience will get me published in more paying publications, now that I’ve conquered my fear of “putting myself out there” and writing on Medium has helped me so much in that way. Having another editor tell me he wanted to use one of my pieces for his publication was a boon to my ego and I am grateful to be writing for a third publication on Medium-The Creative Cafe. I can choose when I want to submit a piece there, which makes me relax and create when the mood strikes.

I’m taking a much needed break for some breakfast, but before I go, I’ll leave you with this: keep writing, I love reading what all of you post as much as I love writing my own. I hope some of you decide to take a stab at this exercise next year, it’s a great experience. We are all striving to make a mark, have a voice and help our fellow writers in whatever they are trying to accomplish. I’ll see you all tomorrow as we start a new month and go into the Christmas season with so much more material to write about! I can’t wait to get started, how about you? Have a great day everyone- see ya later, on the patio! 😉



Stage One Done

Thanks to everyone for your prayers, Dave handled the procedure like a trooper and is resting comfortably tonight. Naturally, he’s a bit sore and feeling a bit violated, but other than that, he’s doing pretty good.

Stage two is waiting for the results, which will be known at his next Tuesday appointment. More prayers are requested, although I am convinced the results will be negative. I think his doctor was just being extra thorough and we have to be thankful for that.

Special thanks go out to our pastor, Mike, who paid us a visit last night and prayed with us. Prayer works and I’m grateful to him for his timely visit. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers during the next week and I will be forever grateful 😊

Day 121- Computer Glitches

Help! I beg of you. Anyone who has experienced a glitch, temporary or otherwise, knows how frustrating it is to not be able to do what they do on a regular all of a sudden.

Yesterday, I was attempting to write my blog, since I have my own little system, I’ll try to explain what happened. For whatever reason, I can’t usually add my pictures from my Mac, so, I write the bulk of the blog there first, then I go to my trusty IPad and add the pictures there. Well…normally, my admin area is at the bottom left hand of the dashboard and that’s where I go to access my latest post to make edits. Yesterday, however, it has suddenly disappeared! Luckily, my husband somehow got me where I needed to be, but the problem is still not solved.

Does anyone know what might be going on? Can you give me a hint, a clue, I have to fix this quickly or the blogging world as I know it may come to an end! Ok, that might be a little drastic but seriously, did it do some kind of update I’m not aware of or what? Why would the admin area just disappear? Thing is, I can get to my blog editor another way but it just doesn’t behave the same way as if I access it from the admin side. I can’t explain it, I’m not tech savvy. Another thing I recently noticed is that my writing seems too close together, even when I space between commas and words, it looks too close. Don’t know why that is happening either.

So…if anyone can give this poor non-computer literate female a hand, it would be greatly appreciated!

Day 120- Kitchen Update and Cyber Monday

I thought that today I’d show you how much we got done in the kitchen this weekend, since that was what took up the bulk of our time, however, looking at the pictures doesn’t explain much. I”m here to tell you, my husband worked his fanny off while I stayed holed up in the office, trying to get as much writing done as possible to complete the NaNoWriMo exercise. (I helped when he needed it) Anyway, he got the ceiling scraped while I was at church on Sunday, and Saturday he did all the taping and bedding and necessary wall prep so that it is ready for paint.  He also installed some electrical boxes and painted some trim in the hallway and living room that still needed to be done.

Prepped kitchen
Prepped kitchen


We took some time out to go do a little shopping for a small microwave, and the paint color, as well as the color for the cabinets. We think we have chosen what kind of granite we want for the counter tops too. We did a little shopping yesterday for the new grand baby as well, since I finished the blanket. (I didn’t want to send one little old blanket in the mail, that just seemed silly!) Now I just need to put some filler in the top of the oversized box we used, lol, and wrap it and mail it.

To everyone out there with a computer, today is also Cyber Monday. Again, I fall into that trap of not knowing what to buy, I’m one of those people that like to get someone what they want, and who knows what anyone wants at this point? Except one of my sons, who still thinks Christmas is all about what he wants, lol. HE certainly has a list prepared. There are hundreds of places determined to get you to part with your money today,  Amazon being one of them. My inbox is chock-a-block full of the others, sending me the best deals with whatever the percentage off it is they are offering. Amazon seems the best choice, since they offer everything from (toy) firetrucks to furbies, dvds to dishwashers and every electronic gadget you can think of. They have Deals of the Day, Lightening Deals and, if you are a member of Prime, special discounts ought you too! The deals don’t stop today though, so don’t feel pressured. Next week starts the 12 days of Deals and you find out all about that come Dec. 4th.

Well, that’s all I have for today-come back tomorrow for an update on how my husband and Dad did on their doctor visits tomorrow and whatever else I think of to feature between now and then.  A good bit of news to report is, one of my articles is to be in next month’s VitaBella magazine! I will share that link as soon as I get it. Not sure if I will get paid, but hey- I’ll at least be published, yea!! I’m off now to go start the process of writing another article or essay, this time for a definite paycheck (if it gets accepted, of course), so wish me luck!


Day 119-Free days-Today in History

I just realized that I forgot about my Friday feature, as I was caught up in all the BFSM, so today I will address the subject- Since it IS free days and all, lol!

We will start way back in history, the year is 1703, and a storm has wreaked havoc on the good people of England for nearly two weeks. It was an unusual storm, a freak of nature really, killing almost 30,000 people, and on this day it finally dissipated. The storm which began on November 14, featured hurricane strength wind and high seas. It became more serious on the 26th, when the winds blew bricks and wood beams through the south end of the country, devastating towns like Plymouth, Bristol and Portsmouth. The flying debris killed hundreds of townsfolk and the Royal Navy lost hundreds of ships, making the storm the most deadly in Britain’s history. The author of Robinson Crusoe witnessed the storm and penned his first book The Storm the following year. You know him as Daniel Defoe.

In the year 1940, one of America’s famous pop-icons was born, actor and martial arts expert, Bruce Lee. Unfortunately, he never knew he was popular in America because he died in Hong Kong in 1973 from a brain edema- the result of an adverse reaction to some pain medication. After his body was returned to Seattle for burial, rumors began to surface as to the cause of his death, one being that he was victim to a curse. That rumor resurfaced when his son Brandon Lee died on the movie set The Crow, back in March of 1993, following an accidental shooting on the set. Bruce had established himself as a star in Asia with his movies The Big Boss, The Way of the Dragon and Enter the Dragon, which he wrote, directed and acting in himself. He had previously starred in The Green Hornet in the 60’s playing the Hornet’s acrobatic sidekick Kato. He had also been trained in martial arts and had opened his own school, training many private clients such as Steve McQueen in his short life.

In sports on this day in history, Detroit Red Wings hockey star Gordie Howe, scored his 600th goal against the Montreal Canadians. This was back in 1965 and he had been the first player to score 600 times- he was the last until Wayne Gretzky came along. He was known as Mr Elbows by his teammates, earning this nickname by being particularly aggressive on the ice. He was the league MVP six times in his 32 year career, racking up 2,421 games and earning 2,418 penalty minutes- a tribute to his legendary savageness with a hockey stick. On this same day in 1960, Howe became the first NHL player to earn 1000 points against the Toronto Maple Leafs. He had broken the previous point record set earlier that year by the legendary Maurice “Rocket” Richard of 946. Gordie retired in 1971 after 25 seasons with the Red Wings but loved the game so much, he later joined the WHA team in Houston, where he played alongside his sons, Marty and Mark. He finally retired a few years later at age 52, after playing for the Whalers another two years.

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Photo Credit: Pixabay

I could write much more on the next famous icon in American music history born on this day back in 1942- Jimi Hendrix- and maybe I will, in a future blog. I am about to go ready myself for church, however, so this one will have to wait. Have a wonderful Sunday and I’ll catch up to you later, on the patio! 🙂


Day 118-Free Days-Don't Give Up

As I realize I only have a few more days until the month comes to an end, I’m trying not to lose hope that I will make my projected word count of 50,000. I simply have not made the time necessary to write like I should have, I have allowed myself to become complacent, and have wasted countless hours doing mundane activities, like watching tv and wandering the stores with no purpose in mind.


Some of this is my fault, but not all of it. Still, I thought that by getting up extra early most mornings and doing three daily assignments (at least), I would have been further along than I am. Not only that, I am aware that other things are not getting done as we head into the busiest time of the year, the holiday season. This adds more pressure on me, and kind of stresses me out. I will not give up, however, I will keep trying to think of things to write, and places to submit that writing to so that I finish what I set out to do.

It is important to me that I reach my goal, the exercise is meant to make you increase your writing speed, which it has, and realize that you can accomplish writing a novel, or at least starting one, in 30 days. Everyone following along knows that my goal this year wasn’t to write a novel, but to write the amount of words needed. Maybe by next year, I’ll be ready to tackle writing a book, then again, maybe not. I have so much more studying to do on the subject of crafting a story, however, I’m getting lots of practice with the weekly writing assignment on Medium’s The Weekly Knob.  Every week, we are given a word prompt of some household item- this week was Umbrella. Then we have to write a short story featuring that prompt and have it be good enough to get published. Maybe a few more months of this will have me closer to becoming a storyteller.

My other daily assignment, besides this 365 day project here on the blog,  is to write anything that comes to mind for 100 Naked Words, so long as I get in the habit of writing at least 100 words a day.  So having all of these self imposed assignments is helping me slowly creep towards becoming a better, faster, more skilled writer- something that is important to me.

Spending time with loved ones is also important, and I’ve sacrificed some of that time to get this done. Clearly, I’ve wasted some time in other areas though, or I would be further along. I realize now that it will take more than early mornings and an hour here and there where I can fit it in. Still, even if I were not to make it, I have instilled some valuable habits that I will continue to keep up, so that when I finally do have clients or deadlines to meet, I will be ready and more prepared than I was before.

All that being said, I am anxious to have NaNoWriMo behind me, so I can concentrate on projects that need to get done by Christmas. I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way right now. All of the writers doing the project this month are stressed out and typing like mad, racing to get to the finish line, even though it’s already been won- Nicole Wilson has her 6th win under her belt and finished the exercise, if not the novel, on Nov. 22 this year. I am envious, and proud at the same time, clearly that lady is driven and has a lot more experience than me. One cannot get better if one never tries though, so again, not giving up! (I just did the math and realized that I will have to write 5,000 words a day to finish in time!!!)

I don’t think my family and friends understand how important this is to me, but I will be proud of myself if I make it.  I’ll try not to bore you all with any more talk of it and just post my results at the end of the month. It was just fresh on my mind today, a day we spent killing time just to be together, when what I needed to do was lock myself in this room and write. Now I’m rushing again and blathering on about shoulda, coulda, woulda-so I’ll put a cork in it and get busy.  I hope you all are successful in whatever you have going this weekend, even if it is just enjoying a lazy weekend with friends and family. In four more days, maybe I can do more of that myself! Without the guilt.

( I appreciate all of my followers sticking with me and listening to my ranting and raving, I hope I’m not driving you all crazy with all of this writing talk. The race will be over soon, and we will get back to more interesting subjects than just my writing goals.)



Never Again-BFS

Black Friday Madness from 2014
Black Friday Madness from 2014

I posted this pic along with a story about how much of a wasted trip my short time at the mall was today,  Black Friday shopping, on Medium.

If I ever have this idea again, I hope someone would just slap me. The stores were packed, if one did find what they were looking for, it would not matter, the lines were down the middle of the store-literally every store I went into!

There s no fighting, no people scrambling for the “best deal” because, by the time you waited in line, the deal you came for was what they just ran out of!

Then I left the mall to go to Kohls, they don’t even carry the other thing I was looking for, even though they did last year!😡 There was so much to look at and be distracted by, I forgot who and what I was shopping for in the first place. I ended up at the liquor store and went home for a much needed drink! 🍹Maybe the best thing to do is wait for Cyber Monday,  with a list in hand and pj’s on my bod!! Next year, I’ll know better!


Day 117-BFSM-Black Friday Shopping Madness

Chris and Rebecca
Chris and Rebecca
Sisters in law, Connie and Terri-with her brother and his daughter
Sisters in law, Connie and Terri-with her brother and his daughter
My dad Gus, finishing up his meal and watching football
My dad Gus, finishing up his meal and watching football

Good morning and happy Black Friday to all the crazy shoppers out there about to brave the cold temps and mad throngs to get the best deals of the year! Right?

Maybe…Or maybe it’s just a bunch of hype-Either way, I hope everyone is careful and has a safe, happy, shopping experience. Like many other people in my family, I’ll be going to work for a few hours before I make my final decision whether to join in the madness. I might…then again, there is much to do at home to finish the kitchen project.

Yesterday was nice, we had dinner together as a family but then all went separate directions, which felt weird, but then that’s life when kids get significant others and have to do the two family visitation thing. I get it,  we all did it, but it still feels weird to me. I always feel pulled in three different directions and then wrestle with my guilt that I did the wrong thing, when my dad and brother go home alone, my husband and I go to his brother’s, my son and his girlfriend go off to her folks and my oldest son takes off to “his other family”, some friends of his to visit with their mom. I always feel like the party should stay and hang out together somewhere, but it never works out that way.

Anyway, I took a few pics, sorry that they turned out kind of dark. The food was delish and everyone seemed to have a nice time. It is bound to feel a bit melancholy when we are still missing family and pining for the ones who normally are with us, but couldn’t be this year because of sickness or the fact that they live far away. So yeah, I am still feeling a bit out of sorts.

Rebecca and my Mother-in-law, Claudette
Rebecca and my Mother-in-law, Claudette
    Our turkey before carvingOur turkey before carving

I hope the day was special for you all and you enjoyed spending time with the ones you were with…however short that time might have been. 🙂