Day 94-Meeting New Blogger Buddies

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Wow, Nov 2 and our high here in the DFW metroplex will be 87! I’m sure that will change with the thunderstorms slowly moving in overnight. Not that I’m complaining about warm weather, I am a summer girl-a water baby-hey, I’m a Pisces after all!

Just an illustration of the possible weather change
Just an illustration of the possible weather change

I had a record day yesterday with my writing, accomplishing all the goals I set for myself and surpassing the word count I thought was possible! Yea! I started my day with the blog, moved on to a post for my daily writing assignment on 100 Naked Words, and then did an essay for a magazine that I hope will get published (and pay me). By the time I was through, I had racked up a word count of 2,645 and that went in my NaNoWriMo total for the day. Not bad I thought for the first day, if I could keep up that pace, I would be well on my way to the goal of 50,000 words for the month. Thing is, I had all day (with breaks of course) and I don’t have that luxury every day. Girl’s gotta work ya know, and there’s all the other stuff in the middle, but hey, that’s part of the challenge! You have to learn to fit it all in, make it work somehow, lots of other writers have a heck of a lot busier schedule than me. Later on, in the evening, I started composing my story for my post in The Weekly Knob, and that added some more to my word count, add in a couple of emails, and by 10pm it was up to 3,045! Woop!

Official Site
Official Site

So, I didn’t get much feedback on the post from yesterday, thanks to those who did though. 🙂 Since one of the comments was how she liked to see the pictures of my family or project updates with accompanying photos, I thought I’d share a pic of our temporary spot our dish ware is living in until we finish (gotta start first, lol) the cabinets.

My dishes in their temporary location
My dishes in their temporary location

My hubby has been too tired after work to mess with the kitchen, hopefully, he won’t feel too bad this weekend following Thursday’s surgery, and we can go shopping for some. (cabinets, that is)! Yes, the dishes, glasses and cutlery had to go somewhere out of the way, so Dave built a temporary shelving unit in the dining room to house them for now. Luckily, I’m very adaptable to change and have already got used to their new location.

If you have some extra time on your hands and want to check out my little story from yesterday I posted on Medium/100 Naked Words called Fighting The Monsters, please do, it’s good for a chuckle. Also, while perusing other folk’s blogs last night, I came across one that had my crying from laughing so hard-that girl is cra cra!!! Her name is Suze and she blogs over at Obsolete Childhood– just read her intro page and you will be begging for more! I read two more posts in and had to stop for fear I’d wake my husband with all my tears and giggles. Then, check out her friend Cyranny for more amusement of a different sort, she posted a pic on Cyranny’s Cove in response to an award question that had me laughing so hard, I was shaking the bed and tears were flowing down my face! Go-check them both out, make some new friends and enjoy laughing for awhile, it sure beats crying or worrying about this upcoming election. (Though, it is a circus in it’s own right. ;)) Happy reading!

5 Replies to “Day 94-Meeting New Blogger Buddies”

  1. Well. I had a lovely remark from you, Miss Kimmy that made me want to come see where exactly you live in the (awful) state of Tejas…..Dallas metroplex! Oh you poor baby! Does your husband hate you that much? I am so sorry sweetie that you are stuck there. Although ….there are some very nice wholesale warehouses for some really radical clothing there….but still. Not a good place. Too many under and over passes! Too many poor drivers…….too many………..well everything’s actually. By the way, I adore your temp kitchen cabs there….I keep mine in a chiffarobe (another fancy Southern word for a freakin cupboard). Thanks for the shout out, I so rarely get them…well except for cyranny…..she shouts a lot and it isn’t always good. I hope you are counting all the replies on other peoples blogs as part of that nano-whats-its thingy you are so gleefully a part of…..did I just dangle again? dag nab it!
    Off to peruse (like that? I used a big word there…properly even!) your blog.

    1. Awww, thank you so much for visiting and commenting-I love making new friends in this lovely place we call the blogosphere!! I actually live in a Suburb of FtWorth-I fricken HATE Dallas! I wish I could have lived in Marble Falls, visited once and fell in LOVE! I don’t know if you lived there or just close to that area. My true love in Tejas is Port Aransas and that area is my dream destination-since I know my hubby won’t leave Tx. (It’s the best dream I can have anyway) if I were to dream big-I’d dream of retiring somewhere in Florida, where it never gets freaking cold! Did I mention I Hate Cold???
      Anyway, thanks for being a peach and stopping by, can’t wait to read more from ya and hear the latest antics of your ghostly pal! C ya later!

      1. I did actually live in cottonwood shores which is right across the bridge from marble falls (about 3 miles). Worked in marble for ten years. It’s great IF you were born there. Aransas is the ONLY place in Texas that I adored. go there, it never gets below 50 degrees!

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