Day 97-Free Days-The Great Cabinet Hunt

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Well, today my bruised and battered hubby made the haul to Dallas with me to start the search for affordable kitchen cabinets. He did demolish ours, after all. We started at Seconds and Surplus-which was a complete bust. Not that they didn’t have some, just nothing like we wanted. Since we were already in the neighborhood, we headed down the road to Nebraska Furniture Mart, they don’t even do cabinets. Period. So, we broke for brunch at Mi Cocina, which was overpriced but alright Mexican food. I had to go without my normal margarita, but I lived. It was a personal choice, suffice it to say, been overdoing the sugar lately (in the form of drinks anyway)! Next on the list was the  place we were wanting to go in the first place, IKEA. What a disappointment! After finding all kinds of wonderful looking cabinets with pull outs, lazy Susan’s and sliders-everything I wanted-we discovered they are simply particle board with veneers. Damn. That simply won’t do in the kitchen, first time they get wet, they would blow up. After talking to other people, like builders and builder supply places, they agreed adding that the hinges are junk that break quickly as well. I was beyond bummed.

We wound up at Builder’s Supply (right by our house, lol) and folks, we may have a winner. They sat down and helped us design and plan out the whole kitchen, granted, we have to install them ourselves, but they had the style, colors, pull outs, soft close drawers and everything we were looking for. The price was unexpected, so we may take the info we gained and do some price comparisons online, however, I have the feeling we will go with them. If we find a better deal, you’ll be the first to know! We also looked for lights to go above our bed (struck out), and the baby stuff we need to buy for our son’s girlfriend’s baby-she is due within the week (they say). We decided we would shop online for the items and do the ship-to-store option, that way we don’t have to ship it ourselves. We are getting them a pack n play and a few other items, she got most of what she needed at or just after her baby shower. Say a prayer she has her soon, she is dilated to a 3cm and 50% effaced. Sounds like any day to me!

What, if any, kind of experience have you had with IKEA? Love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments along with any other tidbits you want to add. See ya manana, I’ve got lots more writing to do on the patio 😉


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  1. Never been to an Ikea, there’s one about 4 hrs drive from here…too far for my weary old bones! 🙂 glad you found your cabinets, can’t wait to see them all installed! T.

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