Day-99-IBMC#1-Phrase a Paragraph Challenge

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The Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge number one: Phrase a Paragraph Challenge- 100 words on the subject: The Cool and the Fool

You are the cool that married this fool, the even tempered to my moody moments. My rock when I’m drowning in the waves, my calm when I’m feeling frantic. You make the sense when I ponder life, you, my husband and me your wife. You provide strength when I’m feeling weak, you give me love when I kiss your cheek. I am so silly at times when you’re not, yet you can be playful with one caveat, we, have to come down to earth in the end, ok, this is done, I’m about to hit send.

About my 31 year marriage to my wonderful husband.

13 Replies to “Day-99-IBMC#1-Phrase a Paragraph Challenge”

  1. I am so sorry I could not reach here there were no ping-backs. Today while making the summary post I came across your comment and reached here. I am going to go through all the challenges now.. yayy! 🙂

    That is a very sincere dedication.. 🙂 Loved your paragraph.. 🙂

  2. So HAPPY to see another entry in PH’s challenge! I LOVED doing this one, and you are off to a wonderful start! Terrific post.

      1. yes they are. All the challenges LOOK simple and straightforward…until you actually have to write something! Have fun!

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