Day 103-IBMC#5- Not So Quite Quote

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Ok, its time for challenge number 5 in the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge and

this one may be a tough one but I’m game. img_3617 Here’s the rules: There are five quotes given to you. No! The challenge is not to describe any one quote, you need to use all five quotes to stitch a story.

quote 1

I am confused at times. Should I sound? Should I echo?

quote 2

You need not answer all the questions! You can just laugh and laugh again.

Quote 3

Thoughts-they do what we don’t ask for.

Quote 4

I knew it! That I don’t know!

Quote 5

At times, we pretend to think on one and actually think everything else.

Here’s my story:

“B-9”, the bingo caller said, loudly and clearly for all the players in the cafeteria to hear. It was game day at the Sunnyvale Nursing home and as Thelma struggled to hear the caller, she looked at fellow gamer Mildred and said “I’m confused at times, did I Bingo? Should I sound?” Mildred said she did indeed and so Thelma said, “Should I echo?” and then shouted “BINGO!” The caller then announced it true after everyone checked their cards. Later, as they continued the next set, a volunteer stopped by who was conducting a short survey for a school project. She sat down at Mildred and Thelma’s table and asked, to either of the ladies, “Do y’all mind if I ask you a few questions today ladies?” Thelma stared at her rather blankly and Mildred replied, “You need not answer all the questions, just humor her and you can laugh and laugh again.” Thelma gave Mildred a wink and turned to the volunteer. “What kind of things are you going to ask?” to which the volunteer replied, “Oh, just random things, like what your first day here at Sunnyvale was like.” Thelma considered carefully before stating her reply, “Thoughts-they do what we don’t ask for.” It was then the volunteer’s turn to stare back blankly at Thelma and Mildred said, “I knew it! You really don’t remember do you?” Thelma looked confused for a moment and said “I remember meeting you honey but that I don’t know!” Mildred replied, “I remember the first day they brought you in to meet me. You became my best friend the instant I saw you!” The volunteer stared in amazement at the exchange between the two women and stated prophetically, “At times we pretend to think on one and actually think on everything else.” At that, the two best buddies began to laugh and laugh and the volunteer rose from the table in embarrassment to go harass someone else.



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  1. oh that was wonderful! It sounded so much like a couple of the ladies I read to at a local nursing home. So sweet, totally not in the moment but still sharing all kinds of things with each other. kudos!

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