Day104-IBMC#6-A Poem, A Word, and A Picture

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It’s time for number 6 in the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge , and the basis for today’s challenge is to take the given word, picture and poem and combine them. All three have to be interlinked in your post. They can be used in any context.

Poem: In,

search of skin

color no matter

brighter or darker

tell no one

I will take someone


-ghost me!

Word: Telephone



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Susan stared out of the window, past the graveyard to the lake in the distance, thinking to herself that it just couldn’t be true. She couldn’t grasp the concept of him truly being gone. How would she go on without him? He was her whole world. The phone jarred her from her wondering and she answered it. “Hello?” On the other end, she heard a static sound and then a man’s voice, faraway sounding say, ” It will be ok.” She recoiled and put the phone down, shaking as she did so. The voice belonged to her husband…but that couldn’t be. He was gone. She shook it off and went to ready herself for the funeral, still haunted by the phone call. As she dressed, the phone rang again, she reached for the extension in the bedroom, already dreading the possibility of what she might hear. “Susan”, the voice said, “Don’t worry.” Her own voice quivered as she said, “Jon?” There was no reply, just static was all she heard. She put the phone down and sat on the end of the bed.  She couldn’t believe it was possible, that she was getting his assurances from beyond the grave. She felt a calm come over her then, put on her best  black dress, and headed out to bury the love of her life, steady in the knowledge he was still with her, and she would find the strength to carry on.



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