Day 105-IBMC #7- The News and Paper Challenge

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The Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge for today is all about newspaper articles and debating/discussing them. It is number 7 in the challenge.


“You are going to pick up a newspaper article. Either online or take a snapshot from the hard copy paper. Use appropriate reference for the article you have used. You need to debate and discuss your view points on the selected article. How best can you do? you can pick up any category like general, politics, entertainment, etc. Even guest columns are very much appreciated.”

The Star Telegram did a story yesterday on how a fraternity gave Thanksgiving meals to more than 500 Fort Worth families.


The article points out that the fraternity made up baskets to distribute to 500 needy families and the response was great. Not only that, by doing so, the fraternity discovered other ways to connect the needy with other services like tutoring, job searches and literacy programs.

The fraternity mentioned is the Ft Worth Alumni chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, and they gathered 90,000 cans of food to give to needy families. They pointed out that if you are having problems putting food on the table, you are likely having issues in other areas. They also partner with other agencies, like police officers, firefighters and other organizations to bring valuable resources to these families.

The other thing worth noting is that this is the first year United Community Centers partnered with the Kappas, and it is a non profit which is affiliated with the United Methodist Church and The United Way of Tarrant County.

This is a local news article, and in my opinion, a worthy cause these folks have set out to accomplish. I myself used to volunteer, and my hat is off to the fraternity for all their hard work and dedication. They are trying to make a difference and make these people aware that someone is thinking about them, that someone cares about the struggles these people face.

On the other hand, I have to wonder if all these people are really “needy” or are just looking for a hand out. Either way, it is nice to know that these organizations are willing to give their time, and resources to help these folks, downtrodden or not, and to me, says a lot about our city. We have areas that are very poor in Ft Worth, and I’m so happy to hear that someone is trying to improve the conditions and lend a helping hand to people that otherwise would go hungry and stay illiterate. By providing resources like job searches and more, maybe these people can pick themselves up and feel hopeful again, because if they have jobs, they can better provide for their families and also, by making local officials aware of the problems, they can help the community combat homelessness and other issues they deal with on a daily basis. It’s nice to know that someone out there cares about what happens to these folks and they are doing the Christian thing by helping them out.

The article was by Mitch Mitchell and can be found in the Star Telegram- Nov 12 issue.

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