Day 107-IBMC#9-Rebirth

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The Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge number 9 is all about seeing something through a baby’s eyes. Experiencing something as if for the very first time.


“The task is if you were to see something with a fresh new perspective, what would it be?”

My husband, before we met
My husband, before we met

Aaaahhh, the crystal blue eyes, that sometimes turn green-depending on the shirt he’s wearing. Eyes I fell in love with.

The frown lines on his once smooth forehead, as I lay awake-staring into his handsome face. A brow bone now scarred from the surgery he just had to remove the skin cancer that was present.

His hair, now mixed with gray, that used to be a blonde so blonde, it was almost white.

His cute nose, once line free, now with a slight scar running up the inside curve to meet the part of it on the brow bone-from the same surgery.

They are fading though, and someday soon, it will be like they were never there, save the memory of how close he came to permanent loss, of skin, bone-who knows? Now, we’ll never have to.

The build, once slim and lanky, now larger, more muscular and with a bit more around the belly, still strong and confident, but with the aches and pains that come with age.

The hands- also scarred from years of physical work, showing the signs of aging, stiffer but still strong as an ox, tender when they need to be.

The man I love, and have for thirty one years, still as handsome to me as the day we met, he is my rock, my strength, my soulmate, as true to me as I am to him and I will go to my grave (hopefully first) loving him.

Funny thing is, the day I first laid eyes on him, he looked familiar-like someone else I had loved (or thought I did) from my past, but as he came closer, I realized this was not the case, and as we walked out on the dance floor and I stared into those beautiful eyes, these were eyes I could keep staring into forever.

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