Day 108-IBMC#10-The Happiness Challenge

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Yea! I’m finally to the last day of the challenge…I’ll have to go find another, as I have enjoyed this one immensely!

The Challenge for today is to complete the sentence “Happiness is…” and grow it. Keep it to a max of 500 words or less.


Happiness is a lot of different things and feelings to me. Spending time with my husband on Saturdays as we run around together either taking care of business, or taking time to play. Seeing my children or talking to them on the phone, becoming a grandmother and seeing the babies for the first time always filled me with joy. Riding around in my new car with the stereo blasting my favorite music and singing along makes me happy. Spending time visiting my Dad and other family members, and time spent with friends is also a joyous occasion. Going to concerts, plays or other forms of entertainment and getting out of the daily grind also makes me happy. Seeing Stephanie’s face on the days that I work with her makes me happy because she is so filled with joy that it makes my heart swell.

Holding my own children for the first time and then their’s when I had the chance filled my heart with love and happiness.

Doing my life’s work, helping people and being appreciated makes me happy.

The feeling of accomplishment I get from my writing and achieving my goals also makes me happy.

Happiness is also knowing I’ll spend eternity with the love of my life and and that we will someday meet our God in Heaven and continue our lives with our families, waiting for us in the afterlife.

This completes my Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge-I challenge you all to do the same, this was a fun learning experience and helped me in my efforts to grow as a writer. I hope you have as much fun with it as I did!

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  1. Happy tears are feeling my eyes as I feel my job is complete! The happiness that you feel with me is so reciprocated on my feelings toward you! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog challenges! See you tomorrow! Rolling on and Brown beans, Stephanie

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