Day 109-Progress-(Sort Of)

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Slowly but surely we are making progress on the kitchen remodel. The electrician was here Tuesday, I stayed here in the office, holed up with the dogs so they wouldn’t maul the poor guy with kisses and licking. He did a great job, which allowed my hubby to get on with the business of building a header for the drop down lights over the new counter area. It’s going to look so pretty! I always wanted drop down lights since our old house in Crowley-now we will have a place for them.

Opening into living room from kitchen complete
Opening into living room from kitchen complete

Of course, we had a woopsie to deal with first; when Dave cut the pipe that vents into the attic, he didn’t realize it connected to the condensation line to the air conditioner. He had gone to bed, and I was sewing and watching tv, when all of a sudden I heard splat! Splat! I turned around and saw the water dripping from the ceiling and hollered for him to come see. We quickly turned the air off (shouldn’t have been on in the first place, it’s plenty cool at night-should have cracked a window) and he placed a bowl under the cut end of the pipe to catch the remaining drips.

Last night he fixed that and re-routed things in the attic. Problem solved!

The cabinets have been ordered and should be coming soon. That means we will soon be removing the ones on the back side of the kitchen :0

I don’t know if I’m ready for that-at least he got temporary shelving for all of our belongings, I just have a few more things to find a home for and I’ll deal with it. I can’t say washing dishes and food prep is fun right now, since I have to make several trips to the bathroom to do it. Just part of it I guess! I’m using the guest bath for that, so we don’t have a mess in the master bath-for big jobs and when I need hot water, I have to use the tub (because the sink I’m using is also not working properly at the moment)

Aaahhh, the joys of home ownership!

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  1. We moved into an ancient house with a kitchen straight out of the 1920’ cabinets to speak of, an ungodly mess of a farmhouse sink…no counter space. I decided I wanted to keep the sink. It is one that has the drain boards on the counter top portion of I just refinished it with a ceramic coating. Added a cab on the opposite wall. Still have no workspace but it looks so cool I just don’t care. I don’t envy your rebuild at all. It is going to be terrific though. I can tell already from the picture.

    1. Thank you Suze, yes-I’m very confident of my handyman hubby, we’ve remodeled every place we’ve ever lived in, he’s always done a great job!

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