Day 118-Free Days-Don't Give Up

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As I realize I only have a few more days until the month comes to an end, I’m trying not to lose hope that I will make my projected word count of 50,000. I simply have not made the time necessary to write like I should have, I have allowed myself to become complacent, and have wasted countless hours doing mundane activities, like watching tv and wandering the stores with no purpose in mind.


Some of this is my fault, but not all of it. Still, I thought that by getting up extra early most mornings and doing three daily assignments (at least), I would have been further along than I am. Not only that, I am aware that other things are not getting done as we head into the busiest time of the year, the holiday season. This adds more pressure on me, and kind of stresses me out. I will not give up, however, I will keep trying to think of things to write, and places to submit that writing to so that I finish what I set out to do.

It is important to me that I reach my goal, the exercise is meant to make you increase your writing speed, which it has, and realize that you can accomplish writing a novel, or at least starting one, in 30 days. Everyone following along knows that my goal this year wasn’t to write a novel, but to write the amount of words needed. Maybe by next year, I’ll be ready to tackle writing a book, then again, maybe not. I have so much more studying to do on the subject of crafting a story, however, I’m getting lots of practice with the weekly writing assignment on Medium’s The Weekly Knob.  Every week, we are given a word prompt of some household item- this week was Umbrella. Then we have to write a short story featuring that prompt and have it be good enough to get published. Maybe a few more months of this will have me closer to becoming a storyteller.

My other daily assignment, besides this 365 day project here on the blog,  is to write anything that comes to mind for 100 Naked Words, so long as I get in the habit of writing at least 100 words a day.  So having all of these self imposed assignments is helping me slowly creep towards becoming a better, faster, more skilled writer- something that is important to me.

Spending time with loved ones is also important, and I’ve sacrificed some of that time to get this done. Clearly, I’ve wasted some time in other areas though, or I would be further along. I realize now that it will take more than early mornings and an hour here and there where I can fit it in. Still, even if I were not to make it, I have instilled some valuable habits that I will continue to keep up, so that when I finally do have clients or deadlines to meet, I will be ready and more prepared than I was before.

All that being said, I am anxious to have NaNoWriMo behind me, so I can concentrate on projects that need to get done by Christmas. I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way right now. All of the writers doing the project this month are stressed out and typing like mad, racing to get to the finish line, even though it’s already been won- Nicole Wilson has her 6th win under her belt and finished the exercise, if not the novel, on Nov. 22 this year. I am envious, and proud at the same time, clearly that lady is driven and has a lot more experience than me. One cannot get better if one never tries though, so again, not giving up! (I just did the math and realized that I will have to write 5,000 words a day to finish in time!!!)

I don’t think my family and friends understand how important this is to me, but I will be proud of myself if I make it.  I’ll try not to bore you all with any more talk of it and just post my results at the end of the month. It was just fresh on my mind today, a day we spent killing time just to be together, when what I needed to do was lock myself in this room and write. Now I’m rushing again and blathering on about shoulda, coulda, woulda-so I’ll put a cork in it and get busy.  I hope you all are successful in whatever you have going this weekend, even if it is just enjoying a lazy weekend with friends and family. In four more days, maybe I can do more of that myself! Without the guilt.

( I appreciate all of my followers sticking with me and listening to my ranting and raving, I hope I’m not driving you all crazy with all of this writing talk. The race will be over soon, and we will get back to more interesting subjects than just my writing goals.)



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  1. Thank you kind sir! I am so happy and encouraged by your words. I guess I’m a bit of a worry wart, I’ll try to be less concerned with that notion now! Have a wonderful day- just so you know, I look forward to reading yours as well!

  2. Kim, you said, “I’ll try not to bore you all with any more talk of it…” . First of all, is not the focus of your writing exercises to, well, write? And to take one whole category out of your mix is unfair to you, and us. That would be like never meditating about meditation! Writing is obviously a very important part of your life, and as one of your readers, something I look forward to, no matter the “theme”.

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