Day 119-Free days-Today in History

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I just realized that I forgot about my Friday feature, as I was caught up in all the BFSM, so today I will address the subject- Since it IS free days and all, lol!

We will start way back in history, the year is 1703, and a storm has wreaked havoc on the good people of England for nearly two weeks. It was an unusual storm, a freak of nature really, killing almost 30,000 people, and on this day it finally dissipated. The storm which began on November 14, featured hurricane strength wind and high seas. It became more serious on the 26th, when the winds blew bricks and wood beams through the south end of the country, devastating towns like Plymouth, Bristol and Portsmouth. The flying debris killed hundreds of townsfolk and the Royal Navy lost hundreds of ships, making the storm the most deadly in Britain’s history. The author of Robinson Crusoe witnessed the storm and penned his first book The Storm the following year. You know him as Daniel Defoe.

In the year 1940, one of America’s famous pop-icons was born, actor and martial arts expert, Bruce Lee. Unfortunately, he never knew he was popular in America because he died in Hong Kong in 1973 from a brain edema- the result of an adverse reaction to some pain medication. After his body was returned to Seattle for burial, rumors began to surface as to the cause of his death, one being that he was victim to a curse. That rumor resurfaced when his son Brandon Lee died on the movie set The Crow, back in March of 1993, following an accidental shooting on the set. Bruce had established himself as a star in Asia with his movies The Big Boss, The Way of the Dragon and Enter the Dragon, which he wrote, directed and acting in himself. He had previously starred in The Green Hornet in the 60’s playing the Hornet’s acrobatic sidekick Kato. He had also been trained in martial arts and had opened his own school, training many private clients such as Steve McQueen in his short life.

In sports on this day in history, Detroit Red Wings hockey star Gordie Howe, scored his 600th goal against the Montreal Canadians. This was back in 1965 and he had been the first player to score 600 times- he was the last until Wayne Gretzky came along. He was known as Mr Elbows by his teammates, earning this nickname by being particularly aggressive on the ice. He was the league MVP six times in his 32 year career, racking up 2,421 games and earning 2,418 penalty minutes- a tribute to his legendary savageness with a hockey stick. On this same day in 1960, Howe became the first NHL player to earn 1000 points against the Toronto Maple Leafs. He had broken the previous point record set earlier that year by the legendary Maurice “Rocket” Richard of 946. Gordie retired in 1971 after 25 seasons with the Red Wings but loved the game so much, he later joined the WHA team in Houston, where he played alongside his sons, Marty and Mark. He finally retired a few years later at age 52, after playing for the Whalers another two years.

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Photo Credit: Pixabay

I could write much more on the next famous icon in American music history born on this day back in 1942- Jimi Hendrix- and maybe I will, in a future blog. I am about to go ready myself for church, however, so this one will have to wait. Have a wonderful Sunday and I’ll catch up to you later, on the patio! 🙂