Day 122- NaNoWriMo Final Push

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Yea! It’s the last day and I can say I’ve given it as good a try as can be expected with everything else I have had going on this month. I’ve written through illnesses and appointments, work days and some nights, a wrecked house and less-than-perfect work space, and devoted more hours to writing than I ever have. I’ve made new friends along the way, started writing on more platforms and learned how to properly write essays and tell better stories.

I’m slightly worried about the state of my arse growing wider from all  the time spent in this chair, but other than that, I think it’s gone swimmingly, all things considered. (I do try to get up and stretch occasionally) So many good things have come out of  this exercise to reach the magic word count, and I’m happy to have participated again this year. My hope is that by next year, I might even be prepared to pen an actual novel! (or the start of one anyway)

I’ve come to the realization that I probably will not make the magic number of 50,000, even though I wrote diligently every day. I’m ok with that. I got further than last year, I can tell you that. I’ve had a lot of support along the way, mostly from fellow writers and bloggers, but even my husband has reached an understanding of what I’ve tried to accomplish and I’m happy to report that he has tried to be accommodating as I make my final push, he knows how hard I’ve worked and cannot believe that I didn’t reach my goal. He has also tried to make me feel better about myself, since I’ve been down about not achieving nanaowrimo success. I’m still a winner in his eyes. 🙂

My word count up to the point where I started my last day of writing this morning (early) was 34,838, and I hope to at least crest the 40,000 mark by day’s end. Everyone knows that reads this here blog that today is my day for visiting my Dad, so the writing time will be mainly this morning. I might be able to cram a little bit more in before supper tonight, if I’m lucky.

All in all it’s been a great learning experience, I’ve started writing on more publications, developed some good daily habits, and sent off more work to paying publications than ever before. (maybe I’ll finally see a check in a month or two) Editors do take a bit of time to read one’s work, so the money doesn’t come until weeks, sometimes months, after the work has been submitted. I’ve also learned that things flow much smoother if one has a plan, so each day, I start by looking at my calendar and all of my self imposed assignments for that day, which gives me the drive to want to accomplish each daily task. Doing this exercise has also taught me that I really do love writing, and I want to continue learning how to become better at it, even if that means more classes on or off the internet. As far as my blog is concerned, I really need to spend some time making an editorial calendar for next year, with a solid plan on what subjects I will tackle each day, even though life throws you a curve every now and then and changes will sometimes have to be made.

I’ve loved participating in various blogger challenges, so if those come along, I’ll just change my plan for that day, or write a second blog entry- no harm in doing that, right?

I hope you have all enjoyed following me along in my journey and I know some of you might be as ready for it to end as I am, even though it’s been real, I now have so much other work to do as a result, I’m ready to get on with other tasks. Tasks, like my stories for The Weekly Knob have me stretching my creative muscles, and daily assignments like 100 Naked Words have me simply putting my thoughts and feelings on the page. I’m hoping my experience will get me published in more paying publications, now that I’ve conquered my fear of “putting myself out there” and writing on Medium has helped me so much in that way. Having another editor tell me he wanted to use one of my pieces for his publication was a boon to my ego and I am grateful to be writing for a third publication on Medium-The Creative Cafe. I can choose when I want to submit a piece there, which makes me relax and create when the mood strikes.

I’m taking a much needed break for some breakfast, but before I go, I’ll leave you with this: keep writing, I love reading what all of you post as much as I love writing my own. I hope some of you decide to take a stab at this exercise next year, it’s a great experience. We are all striving to make a mark, have a voice and help our fellow writers in whatever they are trying to accomplish. I’ll see you all tomorrow as we start a new month and go into the Christmas season with so much more material to write about! I can’t wait to get started, how about you? Have a great day everyone- see ya later, on the patio! 😉



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    1. Awww, thanks Glo, that means so much coming from you-I am proud of you as well and aspire to be as good as you some day! To much more success!

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